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  1. Wow... I couldn’t believe you helped me like an angel. I was so touched.
  2. Can you see the text I edited. Are these instructions correct?
  3. Yes, I have put it inside and placed on baseWeapons, EU1ATsoldiersWeapons, EU1AAsoldiersWeapons. The three are inside. I'm going to try to run it.
  4. Two messages sent to you, can you see it?
  5. Sorry, I don't know how to upload files. My English is not very good. I am using Google Translate to communicate with you. Do you have a mailbox? I can send it to you
  6. I didn't add much weaponry. Only through the update of this game, increase the launch weapons of AT and AA soldiers
  7. I still have a problem. We have limited weapons and equipment. Sometimes the removal time is particularly long. Can this be changed?
  8. The wrong tip seems to be solved. I'll try it again. I really thank you very much. I can now try to add new launch weapons to the arsenal. The previous mistakes led me to no way to add new weapons.
  9. I changed something on the basis of the original image. What files do I need to replace with the new version? Thank you for your help.
  10. /*Arsenal*/ arsenalDefined = false; gearRestriction = true; execVM "Scripts\arsenal\arsenal.sqf"; { _x execVM "scripts\arsenal\va_west.sqf"; _x addAction ["<t color='#006bb3'>保存 装备</t>",{player setVariable ["derp_savedGear", (getUnitLoadout player)]; systemChat "装备保存";}]; } forEach arsenalArray; // ---------------- eventhandlers to check for gear restrictions waitUntil {arsenalDefined}; /*For after when people pick something up from the ground*/ player addEventHandler ["InventoryClosed", {[]execVM "scripts\arsenal\cleanInventory.sqf";}]; player addEventHandler ["Take", {[]execVM "scripts\arsenal\cleanInventory.sqf";}]; /*eventhandler that triggers after closing the arsenal*/ inGameUISetEventHandler ["Action", " if ( toLower (_this select 4) find 'arsenal' > -1 ) then{ _player = _this select 0; [_player]spawn { waitUntil { sleep 0.1; isNull ( uiNamespace getVariable 'RSCDisplayArsenal' ) }; [[], 'scripts\arsenal\cleanInventory.sqf'] remoteExec ['execVM', _this select 0, false]; }; }; false "]; The 3D editor displays: Error arsenalArray missions:Invade_&_Annex_3_3_7.Altis
  11. Thank you very much. Can you tell me how to do it?
  12. I'm not trying to steal missions. I just found that this way will be very smooth. So I'd like to learn this way and use it on my server.
  13. Yes, I want to know how to use this method successfully, and I think this can improve the FPS