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    Missing file :/

    Im missing this file A3_Dubbing_f_EPB it didnt download with the new update sadly so if this does happen to u your gonna have to reinstall arma or get a friend to send you the file
  2. ACP Summe

    Looking for Zeus players!

  3. ACP Summe

    Looking for Zeus players!

    Hello my name is Jace but you can call me Summe. I enjoy being a Zeus i have hosted a lot on official so far everyone has enjoyed and i usually host every day with my friends but i wanna kick up a knoch which brings us here. I will host Sunday through Wednesday and Friday through Sunday. FYI most will be modded Info: I realize that there is kids that play arma and i accept them as long as there 10 and above and i am 13 but please dont let that make you say no to this i ask you to at least try 1 op with me. Requirements 1.Must be 10 and above 2.Must have more then 60 hours on arma3 3.have discord 4.Dont be a dick to players 5.Have Arma3 (duh) My steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/elitewolf805/ Discord https://discord.gg/AjctCC Thank You!