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  1. Hello there, We are Hydra Pilot Unit [HPU]. We are looking for new members for our ArmA 3 based pilot team. We are a standalone pilot team (with our own TS3 and ArmA 3 server). We organise general training missions and pilot operations every week. We also give personal training to our members, such as: Medevac training, Supply Drop training, HALO and HELO pilot training, CAS training, AA Training and so on... We also have our own division in "Cannonfodder Gaming" which is a international tactical realism clan operating in ArmA 3 (We join there ops weekly to give them air support and air transportation). Requirements to become a member of Hydra Pilot Unit: - Must have a Microphone - Must be Mature - Must be willing to follow orders - Must be willing to work as a team - Must have Teamspeak - Must have Arma 3 and be willing to download necessary mods - Must speak English Open roles: - Transport Heli Pilot - Transport Heli Crew - Transport Plane Pilot - Transport Plane Crew - Attack Heli Pilot - Attack Heli Gunner - CAS Jet Pilot - AA Jet Pilot - Gunship Pilot - Gunship Gunner - Medevac Pilot - Medevac Crew - UAV Operator Apply example (post your apply below): - Name: - Age: - Country: - Prefered Roles (you can choose multiple ones): - Do you already have experience with other tactical realism clans: - Why would you like to join our unit: - Give us a reason why you should be part of our unit: - Tell us something about yourself: Contact Us: TeamSpeak - Steam - LegendForce