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    Low Sound Volume

    plz respond
  2. Peaclorp

    Low Sound Volume

    I have checked the volume mixer and it's not helping. I don't know much about the battleye but I can't play multiplayer without it. Sorry for my bad English.
  3. Peaclorp

    Low Sound Volume

    OK, I know you guys always get questions about audio. When I first got the game the audio was fine. Then one day I think I pressed play without mods but I don't think that affected me. But one day I get in and can't hear a thing. I get into a game with game volume up and can barely hear anything. If I shot then I could kind of hear that but could not understand people because of the quiet noise. The cars were almost unhearable and everything else was just so quiet. CPU count is not at 1 and I can hear the game when I launch it from the straight file without the launcher. The problem is that battleye is not on so I can't join any fun servers like atlis life/asylum life. I have checked playback devices and made sure no sound was on. The thing is that when I launch the Arma 3 file with the battleye I still can't hear almost anything. Please help me because Arma is so fun and without noise, I can't play. (I have verified the integrity of the files). Thanks