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  1. Hello, I am offering my time to reskin cars for arma 3 to whoever needs it. It can be a law enforcement vehicle or a standard vehicle. All I request is that you give a bit of time (About a week just in case I am busy). If I cannot complete such request then I will quote you in the comment section saying so. -KNOW THAT THIS IS FOR LIFE MODS, IN OTHER WORDS I DO BUSINESS CARS, EMERGENCY SERVICES, ETC.


    • Comment below the car and include a link to download the pbo for it
    • Be mature and appropriate, respect all suggestions below
    • If there are a lot of comments, I may not get to you, that doesn't mean spam, I will try my best
    • Put any idea you want or just say skin me a car that looks good
    • Again as said above give atleast a week minimum


    Thank you for all interested and I hope you take advantage of this.


    Oh also I go by Sigma :)