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  1. Potentially dumb question: looking at the readme.md within ACE Medical AI, the exact description is "Makes AI units heal themselves and each other." Do I take it that this excludes players to a certain extent, which is why once I go unconscious they're very happy to let me bleed out, even though (I think) they're perfectly OK with healing me when I'm conscious? For context, this is whilst playing KP Liberation with AI squadmates. Thanks in advance!
  2. After watching those, have gone through the surprisingly lengthy process of signing back into these forums via Steam from a new laptop in a foreign country just to say: HYPE. Keep up the good work Roy!
  3. Hey Roy, just a quick.... well, I suppose bug report, but I recognise that procedural generation can throw this sort of thing up! Had a "destroy the enemy transmitter" operation come up in a mountainous part of Altis, and, well... Sadly it seems that CSAT's new granite-reinforced radio transmitters are impervious both to large amounts of land-based explosives, and large bombs. Hopefully a rarity, but don't know what could be done about it tbh - something relating to how rocks are sign-posted within the code, and have the placement avoid being within a certain X-Y value of them? (I'm making all this up by the way, my lack of coding knowledge is well established in this thread at this stage). At any rate, as you can tell, still enjoying PO4, thanks for your hard work and roll on Recruit MP!
  4. Looks good! I know you must be fed up with people asking whenwhenwhenwhenwhen about everything, but super-conservative, worst case guesstimate? Manage my expectations!
  5. Bon's seemed very simple to implement (copy the folder into the mission folder, add a few lines to the description.ext and init.sqf), it was just the placing of an interactive object I was having a problem with. The install info says to add the following line to the object you wish to use as a spawner: this addAction["<t color='#ff9900'>Recruit Infantry</t>", "bon_recruit_units\open_dialog.sqf"]; My initial plan was to add it to the init for the re-deploy flag, within the mission SQM: However, I wasn't sure of the syntax to have the flag act as both the redeploy and the recruitment. Plan B was to copy-paste the class info for the redeploy flag, replace the init= with the bon_recruit_units code, renumber the class (think last item named was 154), move its location by 1 (presumably 1m in the X-axis on the map) and insert it at the end of the SQM, which looked something like this: No joy. As I say, simply inserting the code for the recruitment into the code for the redeploy flag seemed simplest, and it's probably a piece of cake for anyone who knows anything about coding, but me not C++ so good. If this is even C++
  6. I would say hopefully one final question, but we all know that's rubbish - have tried implementing various methods of recruiting AI, including external scripts such as Bon's Infantry Recruitment Redux and Simple AI Recruitment Script, but given my aforementioned neanderthality when it comes to code, haven't had any joy (seems copy-pasting the code for the redeploy flag and changing its Item number and init to the Recruit AI, located right next to the redeploy flag, didn't do the trick. I had noticed that Roy had previously said Zeus is present within PO4 - any tips as to how to activate it? Wouldn't be playing God, apart from spawning some BLUFOR AI within the squad. Many thanks!
  7. Thanks Blackheart, seems to be doing the trick - WhatsApp'd a programmer friend of mine too, who replied in pretty much the same moment with the exact same thing, which was spooky. Although he did also say his employer would shoot him for putting #include inside a class definition.... all a bit over my head, just glad it's working!
  8. Hey Blackheart, been trying to implement this but running into a problem when pasting the AIS scripting into description.ext. It doesn't like that there are two iterations of class CfgFunctions, saying that the member is already defined, and as I know jack about coding I can't figure out the syntax to get it to #include both "mpsf\cfgFunctions.hpp" and "AIS\cfgFunctions.hpp". Do I need to rename one of them, e.g. "AIS\AIScfgFunctions.hpp"?
  9. Zulu Three Zero


    Hi Gemini, downloaded the mod this morning and loving it - says a lot about the detail that I wasn't overly upset that I spent the whole morning in-game (SP, with that slight acceleration, from 5am to noon) searching for a downed pilot and couldn't find him. Would've been good to complete, rather than cancel, my first mission though! Any pointers? Playing on Kunduz, Afghanistan, I checked every building of every compound in the area (and a few outside of it too), zig-zagged up and down the hedgerows, even RTB'd to purchase and put up a Darter, to try and find him on thermal..... nada. Hints and tips greatly appreciated!
  10. Yeah, been doing that with the base AA defences, but see previous comments regarding marauding BTRs :P Cheers anyhoo, waiting out on PO4, hope the PC issue is solved!
  11. Cheers Blackheart - thinking back to the days of Chernarus and Takistan, seem to recall it was just a flagpole near a portacabin somewhere on the airfield. Therefore had a bit of a hunt around Altis Airport, but couldn't spot one. I'll try the Armaholic version, thanks for the heads up. EDIT: seems I lied, it is the Armaholic version!
  12. Hey Blackheart, sorry, no, to clarify, this is the purely vanilla 3.1 version subscribed to through the Steam Workshop, not the development branch.
  13. Sorry guys, bit off-topic from the heavy coding discussion - looking forward to PO4, running PO3.1 at the moment (one of the first things I hunted down when I got Arma 3, was a big fan of PO back in the Arma 2 days). Was just wondering if I'm missing something - is there AI recruitment functionality, or is that coming in PO4? Only work-around I've found so far is using Squadmod to steal the crew from the base air defences, which then involves a lot of trips back and forth to the Virtual Ammobox dropping gear sets for them. And of course they're finite, so when the BTR arrives to wreak havoc on my soft-skinned supply convoy, we're a bit SOL if people get blowed up, see :P