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  1. WCN PoulEbbe

    Dev Streams

    I guess this is a pretty small community, shoudlnt we all behave nice so the game and community just dont disapear totally?
  2. WCN PoulEbbe

    Feedback Thread

    +1, at least when picking team :))
  3. WCN PoulEbbe


    Sorry to say, but things like this does that the game can have a hard time getting popular, which is sad. I really like the game and want it to get a bigger player base, so think this is unfortunate
  4. WCN PoulEbbe


  5. WCN PoulEbbe


    Think husarz123 is playing with him. when both is alive he knows to much as well.. and he calls poeple noob when they ask Artek_Kolo how he knows what he knows
  6. WCN PoulEbbe


    Thread for Reporting Suspicious Argo Players