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  1. No. I found a way not to die, but my stupidity killed me.

    Once I reached the third island, I found a civilian tent, shovel, tomato seeds etc. at the very beginning of this island. I placed the tent near the 'neutrals' base and grew a farm and was self sufficient without any zombie trouble. Lived for 11 days (in-game) without any trouble and found a few friendlies too!

    Got bored with the sedentary lifestyle of just growing tomatoes and zucchini and ventured away from my tent and the 'neutrals'. Got killed in less than 2 minutes by the Mofo Bandits :'(

  2. Friendly survivors are those where you can see the health bar above their heads. I've met 3 till now. They can be really helpful and a little detrimental at times. Wish they could regenerate health and trade a bit like the neutrals.