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  1. T_12

    loot drops don't show?

    I've tried it @CinnabarDragoon it still don't work ;(
  2. T_12

    Mini DAYZ phone version

    @Thales Thanks for the reply bud :) But what about the 'video' drop? Is there a bug or is it based on chance. Because I have tried many times and not gotten anything from the drop :(
  3. T_12

    Crafting Fireplace Kit on IOS

    Exactly! Same here, I didn't understand how to craft it too. Help plss!!
  4. T_12

    Friendly survivors?

    @robocoder How long were you alive (no.of days) before you met them, were you on browser or phone?? I'm very eager to meet AI survivors on phone as gameplay is much more fluid than in browser.
  5. Nothing like this ever happened to me! I was in day 4, stopped and again started after I while, worked for me. Is your Android updated? Which phone??
  6. T_12

    loot drops don't show?

    I didn't get shit all the times I tried, it's basically broken.
  7. T_12

    co-op mode for mobile

    They're probably concentrating on the Mobile version now, so I wish they create these - 1. Girl playable characters 2. Usable vehicles 3. Multiplayer 4. Solve the HeliDrop (free video) issue Any other thoughts? Feel free to add them below :)
  8. T_12

    I can't play minidayz PC

    They will reply or rectify the problem, don't worry :)
  9. T_12

    Loading Problem

    Not working at all man! Are you playing through PC? I tried Firefox and Chrome, both useless. Game loads upto like 35-40% and then boom! Stops right there :(
  10. T_12

    Mini DAYZ phone version

    Why are there no girl characters that can be playable in-game? I wanna try out. Please make it happen!!
  11. Very nice idea, but I didn't like the money part. They sure can make in-app purchases available, but MP and Cars should be usable by anyone
  12. T_12

    Friendly survivors?

    In fact, I've survived for 3 days but I haven't seen any survivor :(
  13. T_12

    Loading Problem

    They WON'T rectify this problem, nor will they reply so don't worry :)
  14. It won't let me play!
  15. T_12

    MiniDayz does not work

    Yes, everyone has this problem and I'm sure they will not rectify it.