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  1. Guys I just want to know how to use duct tape and sewing kit. I know it's meant to increase the life of you're clothing but how exactly do u use it?
  2. T_12

    What's the newest update look like?

    Damnn! I'm really glad they added female survivors too, just wish we could play as one of them for free without an unlock :)
  3. T_12

    End Game?

    Basically I feel there's nothing left to do once you've reached the third island, coz you'll be having literally everything! Any suggestions? @Thales
  4. T_12

    End Game?

    No. I found a way not to die, but my stupidity killed me. Once I reached the third island, I found a civilian tent, shovel, tomato seeds etc. at the very beginning of this island. I placed the tent near the 'neutrals' base and grew a farm and was self sufficient without any zombie trouble. Lived for 11 days (in-game) without any trouble and found a few friendlies too! Got bored with the sedentary lifestyle of just growing tomatoes and zucchini and ventured away from my tent and the 'neutrals'. Got killed in less than 2 minutes by the Mofo Bandits :'(
  5. T_12

    Friendly survivors?

    Friendly survivors are those where you can see the health bar above their heads. I've met 3 till now. They can be really helpful and a little detrimental at times. Wish they could regenerate health and trade a bit like the neutrals.
  6. All I see is that this is a bug fix update. Anything else we should know about?
  7. We'll actually there's a bug in which the infected enter the building (house) you are in and attack you. Couldn't find out how they broke in coz it was too dark.
  8. I doubt they'll make it happen :/
  9. T_12

    Helpful guide I found on Reddit

    Thanks a lot @Loudmushroom this is really helpful!
  10. T_12

    Friendly survivors?

    @DarkSilence That summary you gave is really nice and helpful :) Lol @canemorto
  11. Thank you, but please be polite. No one wants a fight or anything. I have read the rules already, and I'm sorry if there has been any mistake on my part ok? In fact, the first rule clearly says have fun :) So Please Stay Calm.
  12. T_12

    Mini DayZ Wiki

    Hey @thedegle is there any way guys like us can contribute? Would really like to help :)
  13. Thanks @Loudmushroom and @bulan555 it helped :) LOL ok Mr. @R0adki11
  14. When will we see Multiplayer and vehicles that can be used in the mobile version of the game. Also, the HeliDrops are not working at all!! Please Fix ASAP and bring new updates :)
  15. T_12

    Friendly survivors?

    @DoppiaP Run away from them when you hear the gunshots. Don't go too close. If you enough health, a good melee weapon (or maybe a gun), bandages, you can go fight him :)
  16. T_12

    [iOS] Loving it! Some bugs and ideas

    Also @Thales why can't I see where I have placed my tent on the game map? Hope u make this possible in the future updates! :)
  17. T_12

    [iOS] Loving it! Some bugs and ideas

    @bulan555 I agree with you on 4, but why is 2 not realistic?? Well it should be made hard to make and maintain a base (in-game), but as we develop the base with extra stuff (should be hard to find), the base should become like a semi-permanent structure.
  18. 1.Female playable characters and survivors 2. Flip screen option 3. Vehicles 4. More options with AI survivors 5. More durable clothing
  19. Also wanted to add to this, please add the FlipScreen option in the next updates.
  20. T_12

    Mini DAYZ phone version

    @Thales Will we see a stabilized update for phone soon?
  21. T_12

    Problemy z graniem multiplayer PL

    English forum?
  22. T_12

    Mobile Performance Improvements?

    And I hope we have an update soon :)
  23. T_12

    Mobile Performance Improvements?

    @CinnabarDragoon is right. 1. Game load time is very long initially while opening app. 2. Instant heating of device during gameplay. 3. Frames drop after a while during gameplay. 4. Selection of items, clicking on ticks and crosses gets difficult as the game gets laggy after a while. Hope @Thales sees this!
  24. T_12

    Friendly survivors?

    Hey @bulan555 @canemorto Do the friendly survivors stay with you or wander away?
  25. T_12

    Storing Items In MiniDayZ (Tents?)

    Yes, I've read in the rules list (MiniDayZ) that you can store certain items permanently in tents, don't know yet how to do it since I haven't built a tent :P