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  1. CDRDread

    Alive - Help with ORBAT

    I only use steam workshop mods. So you saying like any other mods doesn't help out...because I've heard of launchers... I don't have the Cambodia map nor unsung. I'm happy with the basic maps but then again, I don't have anyone to play this game with. I just play by myself because there isn't any laid back groups. All these groups say they are and then they are hardcore roleplayers
  2. CDRDread

    Alive - Help with ORBAT

    I'm just trying to make a little independent faction using textures and everything else in the vanilla game and ALiVE. I figured everything else up to the actual point of putting it into the game and can't figure that out.
  3. Looking for fun people to play with. -Complete scrub at this game, just got it two weeks ago. -US East and only speak English -Looking for fun not full blown serious mil sim roleplaying, will be somewhat serious of course but having fun is the name of game -Like being Stealthy -Currently only have half of a keyboard, in two weeks I'll buy a full keyboard Message me for questions Also looking for someone that can teach the ropes of editor or point me to videos.
  4. Hey, I really need help with using ORBAT. I downloaded the mod through steam and the other files that people say you have to download don't work. My computer doesn't recognize the files. If someone could help out that'd be greatly appreciated and I a complete noob at this and the game so be gentle.