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    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    Hi. I have been playing this game ever sence it's release (iOS) and it's a great way to kill time. There are many things that I wish could be fixed but here are the main thing •the game crashing every 15-20 minutes and starting you were you were about 30 seconds before it crashed •stuff not automaticly stacking •if you place something in a place(tent, house, etc) it shouldn't disappear when new stuff spawns in later• •that more stuff is labled on maps(like the possible car/helicopter chase spots and things like that from the computer version •multiplayer, even though I feel like it would be hard for you guys to do. a kid can dream? •cars because even with the sprinting perk it takes a while to get from point a to point b(by the way fun fact one time I killed a enemy survived that didn't have a gun that will have only a few things if you loot from him but he had a red gasoline container which was rlly weird because it said I could "fill car with gasoline and when I selected that it disappeared) but yeah pls add cars. •just any other cool things from the computer version if you can so yeah that's about it but if there was one thing you could do could you just put an small update out there. There is all of these thing we wish were fixed and even though the ad thing went away probebly thanks to you guys it would still be nice to know that you are listening and willing to help Thank you for listening and I hope This helped keep up the good work:)
  2. Dunhaam

    i cant play mini dayz

    I've tried crome, explorer, and Firefox and all of them freeze in the same loading spot, i rllly hope they update it soon