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    I made a server but I myself am not allowed to play due to "Imperfect Connection", I think this is because of my high ping and I am not sure how to disable it or lower the IP thing. The server is hosted in the USA while I'm European, this is mostly for a bunch of friends, help, please? Edit: After looking through the RPT file I don't think the ping is the issue, I'll upload it for the more savvy people to see what's wrong https://pastebin.com/h9vQAYyV
  2. I found the RTP file it might help somehow https://hastebin.com/anezeqoxeh.tex
  3. Already did that, somehow I got past that, a problem with the mission file I think and now it gets stuck at this And it just stays in the default Tanoa loading screen forever or until it kicks you off.
  4. So basically I created a server, loaded up TADST and whenever I launch it gets stuck at this I tried launching using 32bit, removing extra parameters, removing mods, nothing worked. Here are current TADST settings If you need any other information such as logs please do tell me where I can find them/activate them so I can procure them for you Thanks