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  1. My friends has same CPU like you and has same problem while i'm fine lol I have some addos for day Z uniforms and stuff but i never play it recently installed redux and have stable 30-55 fps in Tanoa for some reason Tanoa is more stable for me than any other map
  2. Solo i have from 60 to 120 fps in cities 55-65 some places dip to 30s on AMD FX6300....I play KOTH 90+ players and thats where my CPU is the worst outside battle zones i have 45 fps in battle zones from 13 to 35 XD
  3. Arson0207

    Achievement broken?

    I spent couple of hours learning Eden and I did all the things in order to unlock Puppeteer and Dressing Doll achievement and still they are not being triggered.... Am i doing something wrong or??? Thanks.
  4. Arson0207

    "Puppeteer" and "Dressing Doll" Achievements

    I Tried to do this so hard and no success XD
  5. Arson0207

    UAV glitch

    Its solved , don't know how to remove the thread