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  1. hey, i like to create a PvP Scenario like 6vs6 with custom loadout and instant respawn. can anyone help me to d this with eden editor???
  2. hey Gunter ;) i am editing a new map/mission like the old one... but i got another question maybe you can help me again? :) i try to let them players choose were they could spawn. like.: respawn east and west 1-6. it works, when i let them spawn like. player 1 gets respawn 1 and when he dies respawned there again. but i like to change it to he could choose by himself witch of them points he wanted to use for respawn. any ideas how i could implant this feature? in TDM theres a spectator screen, and u can see the points and choose one of them. this is what i want :P and the other point what i try to realize is... that a player has unlimited lives. at this point, at the start it gives 6times blue and 6 times red players. if one dies. only 5 are left to use... i wanted to make them unlimited but that every team has like 50 Tickets and then its over. but i don't really understand the Arma3 Respawn Sentences... :/ sure a bit of them i understand... but not that what i'm looking for :/ any ideas how to realize? that would be great! :)
  3. hey :D can u tell me how i can disable that the player respawns direcly on the point where hes dead? ;) and... maybe... that i can plant respawn east and west points and the player can choose where he will spawn? like i am blue so i can choose between respawn_east1-6 you know? :P i dont know the order and how i am editing this. thx :D
  4. Hey, I got an problem when i creating a own session... no one can join my session and when someone else makes a session, i can't join them.... UPNP is active and my firewall is configured... like i think?! :D can anyone give me a reason why this not work for me? normal servers works... only private sessions will be corrupted. Thx a lot
  5. As ist said, very special thanks! ☺️ it seems to work with argo! Simply Rename the folder like "blabla" to "blabla.abel" and It Works ;) The ammo boxes brings the Player into a menu wehre He can Change his loadout. There is only the Function "save loadout But when i Hit space, the menu opens and i can Change something i Want to. Like Set New weapon, take silencer etc. Your reply and the template helps me a lot! Only my Network issue must be corrected then i can Play pvp TDM (:
  6. yea it works!!!! :DDDD thy a lot! :) also the wapon box works! ;) so every player can change his loadout before go into a battle XD nice :P
  7. ohh ok, i renamed the folder: pvp.abel and now i can load them ;) now i will test again :D
  8. okay, i've done everything you said. but i can't load the mission in ARGO. :/ in arma 3 everything works... but in argo when i copy the folder and paste them into ARGO/mpmissions the mission doesnt show.. did i make something wrong???
  9. okay, i think i understood ;) i will try all these steps later and inform you when it works. thank you for all your patience and help!!! :) when it works, i will be happy!! :DDDD
  10. Okay i will test it and Tell you when It's done ? But how i implant it to the Argo game on a malden map?
  11. hey Gunter! very special thanks for helping me out! :) but i don't know how i implant your template into a mission/MP scenario :x :D can u tell me how i can use your template? ;) and... i know... this is not the right place for asking that, but when i create a mission and start the game, no one can join my lobby... idk why :/ UPNP is active, and portforwarding is setted... any ideas? :)
  12. Hey (: I've made a TDM Map and set it include respawns 6vs6. but when i change the loadout inside the virtual arsenal and save as, i got an problem. the first time the soldier (for example a sniper) spawns, i got the choosen loadout. but everytime after the first spawn when the soldier spwawns, he gets the standard loadout from the soldier i had changed. for example. i take a marksman with MK14 and give him an CMR and silencer in team blue. but when he dies, and spawns a second time, he got his MK 14 again. how can i edit this to become the custom loadout also on every spawn?