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  1. Server Transfer System v1.0.3 The Server Transfer System (STS for short) is an addon that allows for the transferring of players from one server to another. STS is based off the code KillZone_Kid shared with his final post here. Expanding on KillZone_Kid's work, STS hides the transfer behind an overlay, making a nearly-flawless transition from one server to another. The transfer overlay will eventually allow customization, but currently is simply a black screen with "Please Wait" up top. This addon does not handle the saving, storing, nor transferring of character data. That will need to be handled by the end user. To transfer a client, the server must remoteExec STS_fnc_Transfer. Here is an example: //TIMEOUT = Transfer timeout (time till it gives up on joining the server in seconds) //AUTOJOIN = Automatically load into servers (mission must have joinUnassigned = false; in description.ext) ["IP","PORT",TIMEOUT,"PASSWORD",AUTOJOIN] remoteExec ["STS_fnc_Transfer",-2]; LICENSING + BI Monetization Rights DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE ON STEAM WORKSHOP CHANGE LOG v1.0.3 Now packed and signed with pboProject. Added: Overlay between transfers Bug: You can NOT transfer to the same server you are connected to. Bug: Transfering to a server without -autoinit will lock the game up. v1.0.2 Tweaked: Transfer script broken down into stages Added: Transfer completed script Added: Transfer failed script Fixed: Bug causing players to autoload into all future servers after Transfer is used. Bug: You can NOT transfer to the same server you are connected to. v1.0.1 Added: Autojoin Parameter ( Automatically loads the player into the server ) ( Server Must Have joinUnassigned = false; in description.ext ) Added: CfgSTS Config for managing code that needs to run on display startup ( This is safe to use with other mods ) v1.0.0 - Original Publish
  2. @micovery Are you planning to implement any checks for securely handling the data? You use: _result_container = call compile(_raw_rpc call sock_get_response); in lib\sock.sqf which could allow someone to inject code into the value slot that would execute through this line. Think of it like MySQL injection only with your api and inside an arma server. Someone could either use a remote execution exploit and run the injection themselves or use a vulnerability in anything attached to the api to get code into the server. It's not necessarily your job to solve the issue, but some simple checks to verify the read data is in the correct format (string is a string, number is a number, ect.) would be a nice touch.
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    Server Transfer System

    This was my mistake, I was trying to hide the chat popups when loading into a server and they do not seem to unload properly, I will need to find a way to manually change them.
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    Server Transfer System

    More of a missing feature, I have the event to trigger it in the code, I just need to finish it off. Will do soon.
  5. You'd think someone could get some respect. In other words, 1 You don't trust that the mod is completely open source and all the content will be freely available for anyone to adapt and modify to their own needs. 2 You don't trust the 20+ other developers that have worked on this mod for over a year now to bring fun content 3 You don't trust any of the other 5 devs who have worked directly with me on creating the core code for this game. Including @stokesgamingmc @optix You also say "Never can be too sure can you?" which is not an argument. Anyone with half a brain and knowledge of SQF can read over my code and understand there isn't a thing wrong with it. My post (after my feedback tracker submission) about the sqf execution exploit that could have completely subverted battleye: http://lystic.net/2016/11/04/arma-3-ui-execution-exploit-in-detail/ My post on how life servers can better protect their databases: http://lystic.net/2017/05/08/extdb2-exploit-and-why-you-should-use-sql_custom_v2/ My post on blocking scripted RE http://lystic.net/2016/10/15/blocking-scripted-remote-execution/ For the past year I have sat silently developing a mod ignoring people like you. I am done doing that. I have proven myself over the last year. If what I've done in an attempt to help better protect this game isn't enough then there is nothing more I can do. Last note to anyone: If you use infiSTAR anticheat and think that I'm a bad person for having once cheated and won't use anything that is mine because of that, you are a hypocrite.