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  1. A friend of mine, that usually host Arma III on his own private server, LAN parties recently joined Argo. We do enjoy the game, but not so much the toxicity in the public servers. So he decided to change his Arma III to Argo LAN private server. All the other guest were able to join no issues at all, but me. Most of the time I get a message about waiting for the host to select mission, even if other players are already in. Server host and other players can see my name loggin in and inmedatly loggin out. Would really appreciate any guidance how to solve this.
  2. GooseArp_Few

    Waiting for the host to choose a mission

    A friend of mine hosts a server, actually for Arma 3, in one of his home PCs, he set it up for Argo LAN. All of his friends but me were able to join his server, I was the only one left out, with the message of the OP. He tried to set it up PW broadcasting, again everybody but me was able to join it. They say see my pawn name joining in, then leaving. Really frustraiting.
  3. GooseArp_Few

    Waiting for the host to choose a mission

    I do have the same issue when trying to join a private server. I´m the only one having this problem, we have tried with other friends, they can join the server no problem. Hope BI do fix, 'cuz, sorry to say, but too many mean/rude ppl on officials. The game is fun, many of the players not.