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    Blackout cheat

    Hello, First of all I do not know if it is the right category to write it, but I had this strange problem - I started Clash game and my screen was black (I happened before, I had to wait for respawn and that was ok). But this time it was different: -First i was respawn but everything was black. -Second - on next round i got respawn ~9km from point!!! -Third and last - i could respawn at any point of the game (I could get killed, and respawn just by clicking respawn on screen), but I couldn't choose my equipment or where I will respawn. Thank you for reading, I hope it was understandable. With regard's KoValski PS - Some times I got 6th option with equipment with poor weapon and it can get really annoying when I get this one during respawn (I don't notice that this one i chosen)