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  1. I'm playing my missions on a host server. The mission works fine from start to finish playing with other people when I start the mission from the editor. The mission is 90% done just a few adjustments here and there still left to do so I wanted to take it out on a test drive but every time I launch it from the main Arma menu play mission button the mission loads up and then I get the complete mission screen. Why is there a difference between starting he mission from the Eden editor versus the main menu. Do I need to put a different end mission trigger ? Confused
  2. I don't know why Bohemia never added more then 10 radio triggers to the vanilla menu.(1-0) Alpha 1 to Juliet 0. Did ARMA3 ever add a way to added more then 10 radio call signs like kilo 11 lima 12 ect to a menu. I know there is a way to rest the previous 10 while playing the mission making new Alpha bravo ect using the the SetRadioMSG but I really need to keep the ten I have and add two more if that is possible.
  3. I am not a noob and know this has been talked about for a while but need some clarification what is the best things to use to boost my FPS during game play with moderate to large scale missions. I know my hardware is going old my PC was made for ARMA2 when arma first came out. windows 10 intel i5-2500k CPU @3.30Ghz AMD radeon HD 6950 with a core clock 800Mhz System Memory 8GB standard hard dive 600GB motherboard P67A-UD3P-B3 F2 Gigabyte Now for my questions. I have the ability to overclock my GPU using Radeon software or MSI afterburner I can improve my memory clock to 1325 MHZ from 1250 GPU clock to 840MHZ from 800 using both programs. Which is a better program to use for ARMA3. I really can't tell. Does Razer Cortex really work for ARMA3 I don't really see any real difference with FPS or general lag I DL this program call timer resolution it is used for decreasing lag with keys mouse and movements. Does this really work? My intel i5 has a turbo boost technology does this really work or should I really overclocking it. With my arma sitting set to mostly set to high I get around 114 FPS when I preview main menu if I adjust some of my sitting to low and standard/disable i can get 160's however if I put my self in a empty world I get around 45 and high 30's in a town. When I start one of my mission I only get in the mid 20's to the high teens still playable but sometimes next to the towns it drops to the low teens at this point the game becomes unenjoyable. I just need to improve like 5 FPS or so
  4. What is the real difference with functional use of these different waypoints. Fooling around with them but I don't really know or figure out the real difference between them. 1. Get out 2. Unload 3. Vehicle unload 4. Transport unload I've already read the Wikipedia pages https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Waypoint_types Still doesn't really explain the Practical and functional use of each one.
  5. Need a little help on this. I am attempt in making an Old Mission from OFP days. It's a POW Prison Break. I have the most of the patrol guards using the safe behavior and limited speed for the most part it works ok if the pow's are Spot It then the guards will open fire but if not they will continue on the pathway of not react even if a gunshot is pretty close to them. Is there a way set witch the behaviors using a command line to switch from safe to aware if it gunshot is heard with an x amount of meters from them regardless if they have a line of sight of the POW. At times it looks really stupid if a gun shoots next them and they do not react.
  6. Sorry if this has been answered a few times before. How do I add spawned units into a mission to Zeus. I know how to add all Eden Place units to Zeus but how can you add all spawn units to Zeus ?
  7. I have not fooled around with the script in a while did the author of The Script ever fix the issue that the AI are always in fast speed in combat mode even if there's no enemy present in the area.
  8. Has anyone figure it away to make the AI use aware normal speed if no enemy units within a given radius over a set period of time. The issue is the AI groups using vcom will always be in combat and fast speed when moving to New waypoints generated by Vcom.
  9. hello I have a little issue that I need help with. I have a few buildings in this mission that have groups of 2-3 units in each building with triggers setup to spawn other units inside the buildings. The original groups have a waypoint set for sentry with this code [SHC1,SHC2,SHC3,SHC4,SHC5,SHC6,SHC7,SHC8,SHC9,SHC10,SHC11,SHC12,SHG2,SHG3,SHG4,SHG5,SHG6,SHG7,SHG8,SHG9,SHG10,SHG11,SHG12] join SHG1; When an enemy unit gets within certain distance the other units in the buildings will spawn when the original units in the group spot the enemy units the above code kicks in and the new spawn units will join the group and form a large group and start moving into a group formation once the original group sentry waypoint is activated the second waypoint comes into play its a move waypoint with this code (group this) setVariable ["GAIA_ZONE_INTEND",["3","MOVE"], false]; This will give the new large group coming out of the building generated waypoints within the set zone using GAIA standalone script works great to simulate a group coming out of building following an attack. The issue I have is sometimes the leader of the original group (SHG1) will get killed before the second waypoint with the patrol script (GAIA) kicks in and the new building group will never be joined together. If the second waypoint gets completed then the second man in the group will take the lead and the new group will work. My question how can I get the spawned second group to join the original group and not just the lead unit ( named SHG1). The original group name is Station House Guards with the first unit name SHG1. How can I get the spawned units to join the group rather than the first unit in the group to prevent the issue if the first unit gets killed before the second waypoint gets activated and the new group starts to use GAIA for waypoints.
  10. avibird 1

    UPSMON for arma3

    Unfortunately the script is very broken these days. Here is a good list of multiple partol scripts that I use in my missions it makes things a little less predictable when you use a few in a mission. No particular order of best to worst ? 1. Upmons mostly broken now. 2. Ups a big bug that units go into combat mode for no reason. If Used to use the no share parameter it works fine. 3. Usps still works with a good Random House search section. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19299 4. GAIA works great but maybe too aggressive maybe too good if you have a large number of groups. 5.EOS was good I have not used it in a while. 6. DAC used a lot with Arma2 need to look at it again. 7 Alive never really used it for my missions. It's a big mod. 8.AISSP this is a very good with lots of options. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19832 9. Dynamic Enemy Population DEP https://github.com/Fluitketel https://github.com/Fluitketel 10. Engima's various ai systems 11. [RELEASE] T8 Units - a less dynamic AI creator 12.HETMAN - Artificial Leader http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23293 Here is a list of AI scripts as well.
  11. Well Jebus is the gold standard in my opinion right now. I always use murklor been using it since arma2 there are a few other spawn scripts that you can use if you search on armaholic but jebus is currently being updated and you can use multiple purse Patrol scripts within jebus or just editor Place waypoints to make your own Patrol script.
  12. I believe not. Vcom will make it's own waypoints and if you read a few post above you will see one of my post about Vcom units will always have a combat Full speed setup once the contact is made. Vcom is not a patrol script it's a combat enhancement script for the AI. GAIA, T8 Units - a less dynamic AI creator, USPS, DAC and UPS (must use no share prameter to prevent units being on combat alert all the time), UPMONS pretty much broken don't use. If you want a partol script use the ones I stated abour. I was very disappointed to find out that Vcom is not a real partol script. It's great for calling in for reinforcements to an AO but not a setup partol script due to the fact that units are always in alert combat full speed.
  13. Yes caching units all the units get delete it from the map and respawned when the range trigger is set off. Reducing the group leader is still on the map following what ever waypoints are setup and the rest of the units of the group gets spawned when the trigger is set. This is my understanding. Also the Reduced group members in theory can be killed if a mortar strikes the area that the group should be in but I could be wrong about this ?
  14. Lol I am having major issues getting into my bios now with Windows 10. For some reason I can't get into with holding my F2 key ect. When I try to go into it from the recovery mode screen the option is no longer there. My Gigabyte motherboard used to have this program called easytune that allowed me to OC my CPU with a quick hit of a button but I never really used it but after 8 years the program is no gone and I don't have access to it anymore. If I could OC my CPU to 4.0mhz I would be very happy the CPU goes from 3.30 to 3.70 with the turbo boost function supposedly it has. Did you add many fans when you OC to 4.6? The more I read about Arma and RAM uses more RAM or even a SSD drive will probably do very little for my over FPS. ARMA will not use more the 2 or 3 MB of RAM. I may added 8 GB of more RAM just to have 16 so I can keep other program up. I have read that Windows 10 can use a lot of extra Ram at times. 250GB SSD for only ARMA3 OS and steam. Still very confused what to do at this point. Like you said Arma likes fast clockspeed of the CPU over anything eles. My motherboard really can't handle a much faster processor than I have now so OC should really be my answer but it scares me because I don't know what I'm doing ?
  15. Well my motherboard and CPU can only handle 1333 speed of RAM I got my system almost 8 years ago lol time flys. I can get 8 MB of the same ram speed of DDR3 1600 @1333 megahertz for around 75 dollars and a 250 GB SSD for 75. An update for 150 dollars after 8 years is not bad but will it improve my FPS in moderate to heavy missions that is the question. 11-16 FPS is really not enjoyable and hurts my eyes and gives me a freaking headache lol 18 to 23 I can cope with it ?. Is it worth it attempting to upgrade!
  16. After doing some more research on my computer specs my CPU i5 2500 Sandy Bridge processor can only utilize Ram at 1333 megahertz. I'm not ready for a complete PC overhaul new motherboard GPU CPU at this time that will come when arma4 gets announced and new specs. If I add 16GB of additional RAM @1333 with a new SSD for my OS and steam applications hopefully that will improve my FPS for large missions to reach the low 20s I would be extremely happy. It should run me a little over $200 to do this upgrade and hopefully it will pay off ?
  17. Should I have my OS on old HD and Arma and Steam on new SSD ?
  18. I think I found the max of the motherboard 2133 that is the max for my motherboard I think lol
  19. https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-P67A-UD3-B3-rev-1x#ov. If you can tell me what is the best I can get this is all a little over my head lol
  20. @GEORGE FLOROS GR I put this code in a game logic on the map { _x setVariable ["selections", []]; _x setVariable ["gethit", []]; _x addEventHandler [ "HandleDamage", { _unit = _this select 0; _selections = _x getVariable ["selections", []]; _gethit = _x getVariable ["gethit", []]; _selection = _this select 1; _projectile = _this select 4; if !(_selection in _selections) then { _selections set [count _selections, _selection]; _gethit set [count _gethit, 0]; }; _i = _selections find _selection; _olddmg = _gethit select _i; _curdmg = _this select 2; if (_projectile == "") then { _newdmg = _olddmg + (_curdmg - _olddmg) / 40; _gethit set [_i, _newdmg]; _newdmg; } else { _curdmg; }; } ]; } forEach allUnits; works well for my needs. It gives the units hit by the AI drivers to get healed and back into the mission. If the get hit by a fast moving tank one hit they will die right away. If a unit falls from a roof top not to high they can still get fix up if someone is around to help them. I like this fix for the dumb AI driving for sure. I did not really see much of a difference with the AI driving in a standard town with no major road blocks setup. May it still has some use in a town with many road blocks setup ? will need to test again.
  21. avibird 1

    FiredMan Event Handler

    I have a very nice script that will give all human or AI units friendly or Foe to always have a roundbof AT/AA unit or one magazine of any weapon in the inventory. I have been using it since ARMA2 because of the lack of AI rearm ability in the vanilla game. It will not work for vehicles guns but maybe you can tweak it or somebody can help you with it.
  22. Hey @GEORGE FLOROS GR I don't think the Vcom driving has been updated for while and since the developers updates on the AI driving the overall pathfing of the AI is a lot better so I feel the driving script is not needed anymore. With that said the AI will still hit pedestrians and friendly units so I am using a code to allow only damaged after a hit but after multiple hits the unit will die. Most of the times the units will go incapacitated and I have AI healing scripts running to patch them up. If you want the code I will post it I'm not at my computer right now.
  23. First I love this Script something like this should have been in the vanilla game I've been saying this since I've been using the script it makes the fight more enjoyable to watch. What is the difference between the two Scripts I never used this because I always used this one.
  24. @dreadpirate if you every get around to a new update could you think about this. like you did with the Variable name now is carried over after the units spawn. This works out great to get a new spawned AI groups to join a pre existing group in the mission Thank you for that. Now for some reason code in the spawned group init does not carrier over as well (maybe I am doing something wrong) But I would like to add Dostop and a setFormDir to a group that will spawn by JEBUS to really be able to setup a close quarter combat in a house with very small triggers throughout the house to allow the units to move again. This works out great with editor placed units but Jebus the units will automatically move back into formation and auto rotate back to the default north position 360. Avibird
  25. I use it before all the updates with Arma and the script it's self. Yes it was very system heavy for my machine with a lot of lag and FPS drop but this new update is great no lag or major FPS drop. The combat is awesome but like I said can't really use it for partols in a mission design with AI running around in combat mode all the time. Hope it could be modified so if no enemy contact after X amount of time units will switch to safe aware and limited speed. ?