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    Bipod Bug?

    I've purchased the SKill "bipods" in the Skill Tree, and have also purchased a Bipod from the Armory to use with my Spar-16s Machine gun. Everything seemed to work right until I tried to make a loadout using my newly acquired Bipod. When I go to select the Bipod with my machine gun, it says there's no suitable attachments available. But if I go to the Armory it shows the Bipods that are usuable with my weapon, including the one that I purchased with a check next to it. It shows me the unlock button/symbol with the bipods when I'm looking at them in the Armory, and when I click it, it tells me I don't have enough skill points to unlock it. If I go to the Skill Tree and look, it shows that the "bipods" skill is already unlocked. I'd really love to use the Bipod, please help! I already spent credits to reset my skill tree to try and fix this issue already :( .