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  1. Hey all, hopefully i'm posting in the right area.  I mod DUWS-R into other mods like IFA3, FOW and UNSUNG.  I noticed a new bug since the last DLC update that returns an enum error -  Error Foreign error: Unknown enum Value "" line 11 or sometimes line 5 depending on what map I put DUWS-R onto.

    Here is the script code

    // _center = createCenter sideLogic;   un center existe déjà


    // create && synchronize HC
    _grplogic = createGroup sideLogic;
    _hc_module = _grplogic createUnit ["HighCommand",[0,0,0] , [], 0, ""];
    _hc_module synchronizeObjectsAdd [player];
    // done,


    // make 1 HC subordinate so that the player will not control all blufor forces
    _grplogic = createGroup sideLogic;
    _sub_module = _grplogic createUnit ["HighCommandsubordinate",[0,0,0] , [], 0, ""];          //- line 11          
    _sub_module synchronizeObjectsAdd [_hc_module];


    In DUWS you can spawn High command squads and now when you start the game you gain control of all forces on your side as tht HC subordinate part of the code is not working.  Strangely the bug doesn't occur all the time, the error message does every time but maybe 10-20% of the time you do not gain control of all squads from the start of the game.


    Is there a fix for this?  Its doing my head in.  I guess the script that defines what squad spawns may need some changing as well.....not sure, I'm more of a modder to code than a coder.  Would like to fix this soon as I'm making a new WW2 version set in the Pacific as a Christmas present to my subscribers.

  2. I'm making a COOP sector control mission for IFA3 AIO LITE using spawn ai modules and would like to get rid of them and spawn ai with a script as there are more options for timing of spawns and skill attributes with a script.  I would like to know if there is a way to add or link the ai sector tactic module to their waypoints in a script so that they behave like the ai that spawn from spawn ai modules and take sectors.  I could just set out markers for waypoints that they randomly choose from but I find that it doesn't work as well as an ai sector tactic for module spawned ai.  Any help would be apprerciated.

  3. On 2013-7-20 at 6:55 PM, byrgesen said:

    Got another question about this.

    By simply putting:


    _x setSkill ["aimingaccuracy", 0.2];
    _x setSkill ["aimingshake", 0.2];
    _x setSkill ["aimingspeed", 0.2];
    _x setSkill ["endurance", 0.5];
    _x setSkill ["spotdistance", 0.2];
    _x setSkill ["spottime", 0.2];
    _x setSkill ["courage", 0.4];
    _x setSkill ["reloadspeed", 0.3];
    _x setSkill ["commanding", 0.5];
    _x setSkill ["general", 0.7];
    forEach allUnits; 


    In the init.sqf, does that execute for all AI, even the ones spawned half way through the mission?

    Have anyone tryed this with HC missions and spawning AI on the HC?

    I am doing some testing on this but im not sure it actually works hehe.

    Has anyone figured byrgesens post out, I saw delta99's response but how would this be implemented on say a spawn ai module synced to a spawn ai spawnpoint module.  AI from these modules spawn with 0 skill when I checked in zeus, I have tried a few things from other topics but none of them work or work but break the ai sector tactic waypoints.  P.S. Fairly new to scripting.