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  1. ALIEN109

    ATGM and laser lock issue

    Fixed on Dev Build 1.73.145227
  2. Hello guys, I have an issue with missiles and rockets that are able to lock on laser target like the Skalpel or the DAGR When I equip these ordnance on a Wipeout in editor, I'm able to lock on laser target but once I fire the missile or rocket (I waited for the complete diamond lock of course), it just goes straight without turning to the target With the UAV, the issue is even more obvious : If you fire your ATGM without laser lock, the missile will hit the crosshair center. If you had a laser lock, the missile will go straight and miss the target. The only ordnance that worked with the laser are GBU for me (UAV or CAS plane) Am I doing something wrong ? Thanks for your future replies !
  3. Hello guys, I would like to know if it was possible to "unlink" parachute controls from helicopter controls ? I bound cyclic movements of the helicopters to mouse movements Thus, when I'm in a steerable parachute, whenever I want to look around, my parachute begin to turn Strange thing it that only Cyclic left and Cyclic right seems to be linked to parachute controls, not Cyclic forward nor backward Freelook mode doesn't seem to have any effect in parachute Thanks for your help ! :)