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  1. Hello, I'm SUNDRYH, the addon test staff of South Korean arma group 'Kimchi Guys'. I'm very impressed by quality of your addon. 

    anyway... We want to fix some of your add-on.
    Because it is in order to match our group server environment.
    I want to ask if permission is possible.
    1. We want Towing to other vehicles besides UGV.
    2. Add Towing list
    3. Towing an RHS airplane explodes with collision.
    4. We want to adjust the vehicle speed limit during towing.
    Here are the reasons we need to make changes.

    reply here or sundryh@naver.com. have a good day!

  2. Ah, one more thing. Now, we can see a Stinger portable ground-to-air missile on AH-6M Little Bird helicopter arsenal (ATAS) at the time of the change of Pylon.  Currently, no matter how many times you press the rock-on key, R-key or T-key,  l can't lock-on to enemy planes or helicopters.


    I'd appreciate it if you could fix the pictures and videos together. (I am Korean so I can see Hangul.)














  3. Now, 3D modeling of IAV Stryker has been released. If you are an addon and will be in the next update, will there be various types of vehicles as well as basic models?

    For example, the MGS system with a 105mm gun, or a 30mm low-pressure cannon deployed in the field, or a low-level anti-aircraft armored vehicle that is currently being tested by the US Army.






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  4. Hello, ACE 3 teams. I am a Korean user who is currently playing ARMA 3 and using ACE3 mode. I found a Korean typo when using a sutured kit in the current high-end medical category.   It's not 붕합 중 It's the right word for 봉합 중(suturing).


    I would appreciate it if you could call the Korean translation team at the next update to correct the typos or to tell me to contact the Korean translation team of the ACE3 module.

    I'll attach the cause of the typos as a photo. Have a nice summer.



  5. 8 hours ago, gfelton said:


    Texture progress on L1A1 (note that the lower receiver and pistol grip are currently untextured)



    I have a question, but FN FAL is a weapon from the year 54. Are you willing to install the Picatinny rail as shown in the following link? Or is it made only in the form of a mechanical sights only with GFRF's exclusive weapon?



  6. I am curious, but there is a Russian anti-aircraft missile launch system called SA-6 among the add-ons you develop. Is this vehicle a datalinked missile with a separate radar vehicle, just like the S-200 air defense air defense missile system? And I wonder if a radar vehicle per missile launch vehicle can receive data link.

    I am also wondering if you are interested in recycling the P-35 surface-to-air radar currently in the RHS Russian Faction and recycling it to build the S-200 air defense network.




    In the case of a large surface-to-air system such as the s-200, several warheads will be launched into one large radar. I wonder if a player or ai can fire on a radar or command post when launching, after launching, or on an independent warhead  It's like pook sam's air defense add-on.


    And if the warheads are tied to the radar, are they all fools when they destroy the radar? ex AGM-88...

  8. Dear wld427,

    I was wondering if this mod is completed or not. When are you going to release the mod? Is it after the completion of long-range anti-air defense, or after release of all the aircrafts and gunboats? and my send your pm read please. thanks you.


    marry x-mas!

  9. Hello, I'm SUNDRYH, the addon test staff of South Korean arma group 'Kimchi Guys'. I'm very impressed by quality of your addon. Get to the point, I wish to use patriot air defense 2,3 (PAC-2, PAC-3) addon in my group sever, so can you unpack necessary addons that include patriot air defense  2,3 (PAC-2, PAC-3) addon? I want to use the addons separately. In case, can you approve the unpacking of the addons?


    I want to receive your reply on this topic or sundryh@naver.com. thank you!