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  1. TheAppleman

    No EXP/Credit rewarded after match

    There are like 4 more posts about this problem so far...No aswers at all yet :)
  2. TheAppleman

    CLASH - End game BUG

    In my case, the "should be counted" is not happening at all, not at the end screen nor any other place...
  3. TheAppleman

    EXP Not Being Rewarded

    I just wanna know if I have to play more relaxed without thinking about xp (and new gear, weapons or chances to win against any decent player) or Dev's will get into this. Don't take me wrong, I haven't played a lot, but I LOVE this game, and it has an incredible future, but this thing, and playing with 3 of my team mates shooting at me all the time is kinda annoying :)
  4. TheAppleman

    EXP Not Being Rewarded

    Same to me...Playing only LINK, at official servers, and not a single bit of xp...if I win, I get nothing, if the other team wins, they get 2k+. I'm stucked with the same gear/weapon forever?