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  1. This is not an FPS issue. When not using any input keys (I.e movement keys)I have in the upper 80fps on very high. Watching task manager while trying to move I noticed CPU dropping from 30% to .2% while holding any key for longer than a second. Tapping keys for movement allow me to move... slightly, but leaves the game unplayable. gtx980ti 4790k @4.3 ram 16gb @2400
  2. Changed to 32 bit and can now play.... not sure why the issue still happends but at least i can play
  3. Vsync didn't work, all details on standard, no change... im running 64 bit will try 32 now
  4. I do have vsync I'll turn it off and get back to you
  5. Well when i move my camera it doesn't bother it at all. I can aim and shoot too. Typing causes the same freezing issue as movement, forgot to mention that.