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    Trees loading distance

    While not using scope trees look fine, I can easily spot enemies through them. When I'm using higher zoom scope though, this happens. Trees change into some much lower LOD models making it impossible to see anything but green goo. It's really annoying and it appears that changing video settings doesn't change it (I've tried running it on ultra, and it didn't help)
  2. Capt. Hardbasskov


    As in title - here's another cheater running way too fast with some sort of speed hack (teleporting him ~1m in front instead of just running). He's used it to run straight to enemy base and kill them before they even left it. Being said to stop use it he said he uses it because he wants easy points
  3. Capt. Hardbasskov

    Equal and more equal?

    IIve hardly doubt it's a connection problem. Unless 20-50 ping is too high to play... And seeing urfinjuce's post made you lose a fan. Sorry
  4. Capt. Hardbasskov

    Equal and more equal?

    Hello. In the beginning I'd like to say that I play Argo since version 0.76 and I enjoy it among all the bugs and glitches. They were annoying (and some still are), but they didn't affect the actual gameplay balance so much. On version 0.77 and especially on the 1.0 it looks like there are some players gifted by the game with ability to shoot down with one shot from any gun, shoot heads with SMGs from more than 150m, shoot thru wall or being much more bullet resistant than other players. If it was 2005 and I was playing on some random private server I wouldn't mind so much - it was rather easy to find cheaters there. But it's 2017 and I play on official servers using Battleye, which - from what I've found in web - is The Anti-Cheat Gold Standard. So what's happening there? Is it so easy to hack in so fresh game? Do Arma 3 hacks just work there?