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  1. Hi! I didn't see a topic addressing this issue, but I recently downloaded Arma 3 to my new desktop and for some reason I am unable to join SOME of the wasteland servers my friends go to play in. I am not getting any error messages or anything such because the browser CANNOT FIND the servers even tho the guys are clearly playing in there. I've tried joining through steam's "join game" feature but it says that the server is not responding. Here's a screenshot of it: So. Any idea? I am simply stumped as after googling for an hour I only found issues of not being able to join a friends server and this should not be the case as I have opened those ports on my router well over a year ago and they are still open and I am trying to join dedicated servers, not some listen server of my friend. I did place static IP's for my desktop and PS4 and it would be very strange if that affected it (It did make it impossible for my macbook pro to connect the wifi for some fethin reason.) I've made exceptions to my firewall rules and all that but nothing. As I said only SOME of the servers do this but SURPRISE SURPRISE the best ones are the ones that my server browser cant' find. Thanks in advance