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  1. I'm loving the latest update. It just gets better and better. The Hilux technicals are insane. So much fun.


    I would like to make one suggestion: the armored technicals need a little buff. Right now, it seems small arms are easily penetrating the "armor" and disabling the engine and killing occupants. Grenade shrapnel from frags as well. I think they need to offer some protection, at least up to 7.62x51 ball ammo.

  2. 6 hours ago, JD Wang said:

    Wouldn't it be better to just adapt and learn the new supported system rather than handicapping yourself to an old system that I dare say will no longer be supported.
    The new system takes a little relearning but it's much better.

    I've been playing around with it, I don't like it at all as someone who doesn't play online and only plays singleplayer against AI. I liked the basic medical version with just bandages, morphine, epinephrine and blood transfusions. Forcing everyone to use the new and more complicated medical system is a shitty move. 


    Also.... I want to revert back to the old version because the new one has made my favorite mod (OPTRE) broken in terms of damage/healing/etc. 

  3. I'm using 3DEN enhanced, which adds the ability to set a flag on a vehicle, given the flags correct path (easy to do with vanilla flags included in Arma 3).


    However, in this instance I'm using the "Malden Armed Forces" mod by Edgar Hussein and trying to add the flag of Malden to an MDF FV-720 Blaireau IFV. The path for the flag would be MaldenArmedForces/addons/flags.pbo/flag_malden_co.paa


    I have entered this into the flag path text box as "MaldenArmedForces/addons/flags/flag_malden_co.paa" and also "addons/flags/flag_malden_co.paa", neither is working.


    Can someone help me figure this one out?


    For reference, here's the mods twitter page, where you can see one of those little Whippet tanks with a flag mnaf_mod?lang=en

  4. Performing the action to fold the stock any RHS weapon (tested all with the ability) removes a magazine from the soldiers inventory each time you do it. Eventually you'll be left with none.


    Tested using only the four RHS mods (AFRF, USAF, SAF, GREF) and no other mods.


    Yes, I know about the issue tracker on the RHS site. Can't get it to load. Someone else try it out and see if you have the same problem, if so, make a ticket.

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  5. 26 minutes ago, Unleashthepain said:

    hey man, thanks for the update!

    still having problems with squad staying in Combat mode, tell them to go aware and they auto switch to combat. Have to tell them to regroup a lot as they keep running off and doing their own thing. . Also they say negative like every 10 seconds and i have no idea why. The building clearing and use of cover is fantastic, just currently a pain in the ass to keep regrouped

    Lol that sounds like VCOM AI. I stopped using that a long time ago because of exactly what you described.

  6. 18 minutes ago, froggyluv said:

    Sounds a little harsh but to each his own. Its really more about calibrating the fear response than removing it. Im also running my own ptsd type scripts so im not always sure wen its his or mine -but i prefer it far better than the happen chance type firefights that are vanilla arma. the main ingredient thats missing from Arma firefights are the feeling of ebb and flow. That being, its not just about whose bots kill the other bots first but why? As it is, bots stand, rotate, fire, go prone, rotate, shoot, stand kneel, stand kneel fire, rotate with little rhyme or reason why they are doing what they're doing. You dont have to be an old strategy wargaming grognard to sense this doesnt exactly satiate tactical thinking & planning.


    Think about the psychological aspect of real infantry warfare -that being having a well know brave Sarge, or being a total Greenie in the infamous enemy sniper territory, or knowing your advancing with the best spec ops on the the planet supporting you, or that friendly Armor is behind you backing your squad -maybe that dont excite you but i l for one love that sort of dynamic. yes its not going to have flawless implementation because its not written in reaction-wise from the engine level up- But its certainly worth pursuing imo

    I get what you're saying, but my issue here is that the AI are totally disregarding waypoints and orders. Everything comes to a halt, and short of me switching to each friendly AI unit and controlling them and going guns blazing by myself, nothing happens.


    The whole game comes to a stop and nothing happens. That's a big issue.

  7. I had to stop using this, unfortunately. It makes friendly AI worthless. They refuse to follow waypoints, refuse to follow move orders, and just run around doing whatever they want. Using this in conjunction with the C2 command mod, they totally ignore commands. I watched one AI toss a grenade in the air for no reason, injuring the whole squad and killing one friendly. 


    They also all cram themselves into a building, and then just stay there the whole game, not moving towards or engaging the enemy (which I had placed in a different building).


    It seems like this mod just makes the AI totally disregard waypoints and combat all together. I really don't see the point in this unless you want to simulate the AI as a bunch of cowardly conscript soldiers afraid to fight, because that's basically what it makes them act like.

  8. Does this mod give the AI some kind of "flanking" waypoints or a retreat order when in combat? I was doing some testing (IFA3 WW2 mod) with two German squads attacking a Soviet sandbag bunker position, I gave them simple move and hold waypoints advancing across open ground, and halfway there they turned around and ran off in the opposite direction, I kept going and lost sight of them, they seemed like they were retreating. I couldn't tell what they were doing. They never did assault the bunker. They stayed far away from it.

  9. 10 hours ago, VastGameMaster said:

    Usually when you get radio silence for a while, then there isn't much anyone can do.  Ya, the mod author did say before that he will update when he updates. Not a real answer I know, but it does seem that's what you get sometimes around here plus people being condescending, those are fun. For now, we'll just have to wait and see.

    I would hate for this mod to be abandoned. It's my favorite "arma lore" mod. The AAF faction in this is awesome.

  10. 11 hours ago, G.Drunken said:

    Good job with the update, I do love the new vehicles.

    But the T-14 Armata… Not gonna say it's OP, but here's some footage of it eating a Cruise Missile.

    I feel like it's... fragile. I don't think the crew should be getting killed from the tank exploding, because all that really means in game terms (and real world) is the ammo detonating and fuel burning. Given what we're told about the T-14, it would seem that the crew should remain unharmed in their little armored capsule even if the ammo is blown to kingdom come. I'm curious to know if it's possible to do that in Arma: have the T-14 blow up, but the crew able to climb out with just minor injuries.


    But yeah, I've already done testing and had T-14s blown up by frontal shots from Abrams and T-72s.


    It's really a shame all the beautiful tanks in this mod are so limited by Armas 1999-style simplistic vehicle damage mechanics. 

  11. Somehow, I overwrote one of the main .pbos, specifically Arma 3/Addons/data_f.pbo and now all the guys in my game are walking using the old animation (one hand on the rifle, the other hand swinging freely).


    Don't ask me how I fucked that up, because all I was trying to do was add more flag textures to the vanilla flag folder in that PBO (to use on the USS Liberty). I have no idea how adding flag textures screwed up character animations.


    Does anyone know how I can fix this, aside from un-installing and re-installing the entire game? I've already tried verifying game files with steam to no avail.

  12. Yes, surface snapping is on. As a matter of fact, one of the things I tried to remedy the problem was turning surface snapping off, and sinking the sandbags into the terrain a few inches. Even that didn't work, as at mission start, they were floating again.


    Upon further testing, it seems to ONLY be happening with the vanilla rounded sandbag fences, not the straight ones, or the Apex sandbag barricades.