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  1. Somehow, I overwrote one of the main .pbos, specifically Arma 3/Addons/data_f.pbo and now all the guys in my game are walking using the old animation (one hand on the rifle, the other hand swinging freely). Don't ask me how I fucked that up, because all I was trying to do was add more flag textures to the vanilla flag folder in that PBO (to use on the USS Liberty). I have no idea how adding flag textures screwed up character animations. Does anyone know how I can fix this, aside from un-installing and re-installing the entire game? I've already tried verifying game files with steam to no avail.
  2. So I'm experiencing an issue that I've never seen before up until now: sandbags placed on the ground in the editor are floating above ground, 1-2 feet high. This has happened on the vanilla Altis map as well as CUPs Utes. What happened was that I went to test my scenario, and upon assaulting an enemy camp (with sandbag emplacements) and firing while advancing to keep them pinned down, I was killed instantly by gunfire, despite not seeing the enemy. Upon further inspection (using the flying camera thing) I noticed the sandbag emplacements were hovering about 1 foot off the ground, and the AI was shooting me from under the bags, in the prone position (I couldn't see this at the time due to the tall grass). Upon quitting and returning to the editor, I discovered the same sandbags where now also hovering above the ground in 3den, so once again I placed them flat on the ground, tested it, and had the same issue. This time around, I tried setting them as a simple object and disabling simulation, but once again, upon playing the scenario, they were floating above ground yet again. I've never had this problem before and I'm totally lost on what do to. No other object is doing this: cars, tables, boxes, barrels, etc are all sitting flush with the terrain like they are supposed to. Can someone help me?
  3. Yes, surface snapping is on. As a matter of fact, one of the things I tried to remedy the problem was turning surface snapping off, and sinking the sandbags into the terrain a few inches. Even that didn't work, as at mission start, they were floating again. Upon further testing, it seems to ONLY be happening with the vanilla rounded sandbag fences, not the straight ones, or the Apex sandbag barricades.
  4. Dallas Medina

    Project injury reaction

    Still having the same issue. First aid kits are being removed from the AI soldiers inventory when they are injured or killed. Only the player has a first aid kit. AI are able to heal eachother, but when I go to heal an injured AI, it uses up my FAK, seemingly because theirs disappear when injured. Tried with: CBA_A3 RHSAFRF RHSUSAF RHSGREF RHSSAF PiR Also tried with: CBA_A3 ACE - No Medical (updated 3/15/2019) RHSAFRF RHSUSAF RHSGREF RHSSAF PiR Same issue with and without ACE - Non medical version.
  5. Dallas Medina

    Looking for simple mission templates

    Those are old tutorials using the 2D editor. I was looking for downloadable mission templates.
  6. Dallas Medina

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    Ok, I'm gonna say this: this is the worst DLC so far in terms of content and the overall EA-style of nickle&diming people. For example: You just recycled the existing offroad truck, added some attachments which don't do anything, and put it behind a paywall. %90 of the Livonian buildings are just ported from A2. There are no alien ground forces to fight, just floating ships that don't do anything and move around using scripts. Half of the LDF is just retextured AAF assets. Same goes for NATO. Huge disappointment imho. Apex was amazing. Tanks and Marksmen and Jets were great. This feels like a gimmick.
  7. Dallas Medina

    Project injury reaction

    It seems that getting injured while in a vehicle is glitched. You are unable to heal yourself. I was the commander in a T-55 and an RHS Abrams fired a APFSDS round through the turret. Inured my guy badly, the screen had the blood effect and all that. I was unable to heal myself despite having 4 first aid kits. I tried inside the tank and while on foot. Eventually my guy just dropped dead. The same goes for AI crewmen, I was unable to heal them after they were wounded from a penetrating shot through the tank. They also died. I also tried the "injured" call through the command menu, and none of my AI group members came to my aid. Edit: Upon further testing, it seems the mod is malfunctioning yet again. It's removing FAKs randomly from injured, living, and dead. Back to ACE Medical I guess. I hope you fix it again.
  8. I don't. They don't look human. Too blocky and boxy. Their bodies look like refrigerators lol. I would like to see the newer model with ranks and patches retextured for the other PLA service branches.
  9. Would you consider getting rid of the Arma 2 model ports and just re-texturing the newer fancier PLA uniform/vests/helmets/hats to the various camo schemes for the different branches (navy, air force, rocket force, etc)?
  10. Dallas Medina

    [Beta] Altis Armed Forces 2017

    How's the progress coming along? Any new stuff to tease?
  11. Dallas Medina

    [WIP] French Army Mod : ArmaModFrance

    Why are all of the soldiers in the pictures wearing short sleeve tan shirts? That doesn't seem... right...
  12. I'm loving the upgraded weapon models/textures/sounds/customization. The SVDs are particularly beautiful. Are there any plans to upgrade the T-72 and T-55 textures and functionality? (maybe bring them up to an RHS standard in terms of turrets flying off, functioning ERA, optics/sights, etc)? Also the T-55 gunner's sight needs to have that digital green turret directional indicator removed, that's a little too modern for such an old tank lol.
  13. Dallas Medina

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    That's the whole point of the T-14. It's Russia's answer to the modern battlefield. A tank with unrivaled protection and armor. The latest and greatest. However, IRL the T-14 will have a limited amount of APS hardkill projectiles that will need to be reloaded during a lull in combat, and I'm sure in the mod as well. They have a debug mode enabled (with unlimited APS hardkill munitions) so we can test it. Currently, the T-14 APS destroys it's own ATGMs fired by the tank, which is a bug I'm sure they're working on.
  14. Dallas Medina

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I'm sure they will transition to the new Russian radio voices. I saw the trailer, the little bit we heard sounded great. It's way better than the outdated and robotic Arma 2 port. (Even if they don't change the configs so RHS units utilize the new radio voices, you can change each unit in the editor to use them)
  15. Dallas Medina

    Community Factions Project

    There's nothing wrong with CUP units in and of themselves, it's just, I don't like having the arsenal bloated with duplicates of the same thing. For example, both CUP and CFP have duplicate neck wraps, shemaghs, helmets, vests, etc etc. It would be nice if the CFP dev got permission from the CUP people to include the models of their assets, and basically make CFP a standalone mod, so the arsenal isn't filled with hundreds of things that are redundant.
  16. Dallas Medina

    Community Factions Project

    I would love it if you could make this mod not dependent on CUP units. I understand the dependency on CUP vehicles and weapons, but CUP units are just bleh. The worst part is how it bloats the arsenal.
  17. Could you improve upon and add more Syrian army gear?
  18. Dallas Medina

    PRACS: SLA Faction 2017

    Where are the MiG models coming from? Made by you or from somewhere else?
  19. Can anyone confirm if VCOM medics will work with ACE basic medical? They aren't healing guys. As an injured person and as group leader, I can't order the medic to heal an injured guy. When I select "injured" as the injured person, he calls out, then instantly says "standing by".
  20. Dallas Medina

    PRACS: SLA Faction 2017

    Those MiGs are beautiful. I hope you will include other paint schemes for them with no markings, like tan, grey, olive drab, etc so people can use them for other scenarios (Iraq/Syria for example)
  21. Dallas Medina

    F/A-24 Shadowcat

    Bro its been 4 years. Pretty sure this guy is gone.
  22. Dallas Medina

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    That looks amazing. I love the small detail, the rivets and bolts visible on the sights and IR lamp and cannon mount.
  23. Dallas Medina

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    So I noticed that the 6B43 vest has been in the mod for a while, but just the empty version. Are y'all gonna add versions with different loadouts (rifleman, grenadier, team leader, PKM, SVD, medic, etc)? Its really a great looking vest, I love the high neck protection.
  24. Dallas Medina


    Well, I was confused because the zombies are on the purple civilian list in the editor. I've just got VCOM AI, ACE3, and OPTRE (the halo mod). My AI teammates will only fire at zombies if I point my cursor at the individual zombie and order them to attack, they aren't shooting them on their own. I did place some zombies down, group them to a CSAT soldier, then deleted the CSAT soldier (to make the zombies OPFOR) and my teammates engaged them on sight like normal. This still doesn't solve the issue of module-spawned zombies being purple and my AI won't shoot them unless I explicitly tell them to (giving individual attack commands on every single individual zombie)
  25. Dallas Medina


    Why are the zombies on the civilian side? And how can I get the zombies spawned from the module to be on the OPFOR side? I dunno if it's because I'm using VCOM AI, but friendly AI troops aren't shooting zombies because they are on the civilian side.