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    Eden Composition Spawning

    yes i have discovered this issue, but it hadnt cost me too much. The comp is for a beach bunker system, far from finiished, that can spawn randomly near the shore, the gaps will eventually be filled with other obstacles but isnt suppoed to spawn where it was made, i had picked that as it looked flat. If my make the comp in the vr editor will it then fall evenly? should have known their would be a simple solution ill check it out! Thanks.
  2. Perry21692

    Eden Composition Spawning

    Okay ive solved it, for anyone else with the same issue: _compReference = [ "BEACH_Village_01", _pos, [ 0, 0, 0 ], dir, true, false ] call LARs_fnc_spawnComp; _compArray = [ _compReference ] call LARs_fnc_getCompObjects; { _x setVectorUp surfaceNormal getPos _x; // only needed if you want the object to allign with terrain _x setPosATL [getPosATL _x select 0, getPosATL _x select 1, 0]; } foreach _compArray;
  3. Perry21692

    Eden Composition Spawning

    apologies, thought quote would do the trick
  4. Perry21692

    Eden Composition Spawning

    So this is how i have spawned my composition, i had some issues with rotation and found it worked better using an object to choose the direct. i expected as the alignATL was true the objects would sit on the terrain. 20m is not accurate, i find it hard to tell with altitude but i used -10 on the offset and some objects dropped through the ground, others moved slightly downward and others were then correct. this is the sqe in question, WARNING, its over 10,000 lines
  5. Perry21692

    Eden Composition Spawning

    Hi Larrow, Great work on this! I have an issue whereby some of my compositions spawn floating in the air. The location and direction i have set is both correct and some parts of the composition have fallen to the ground where they should be but most objects just stay floating about 20m up. Is this an issue with the original compositions, i have tried offsetting but that doesn't work completely. any suggestions?