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  1. I was definitely going the long way round with my code, hopefully some of what I learned from doing it has sunk in though. Makes sense now, the way mine was setup it wasn't able to check all IED positions. Amazing how short and concise something can be after you've written a wall of crap haha. Grumpy Old Man, your code is ridiculously straight forward, i think I might pinch that for the time being and work in a debug and admin check to activate map markers somehow. Just little side projects for me to potter with and possibly implement. Thanks again.
  2. Hi, long time reader, first time poster. I've been getting into scripting a lot lately, I was always in and around it but recently trying to step it up a bit. I'm trying to write an IED script myself (i know there's a million out there) that searches for roads and places IEDs, IF there's x distance between this point and the last IED placed. This script has taken several forms as I try get it working properly, but this is my latest: Currently it will place IEDs (VR blocks) at very odd distanced from each other, some as little as 20m away. I also made up a script that will place IEDs on markers chosen at random and randomly choose the IED type - ultimately I want to merge these 2 together, but for now it's getting the spacing constraints to work that's my issue. Random marker + IED type script for anyone interested: Thanks for any input on this, I've been staring at it so long its becoming a blur of words :P