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    Combat Patrol release and cars

    I heard that you can't actually drive them and that they're only for the Scenario Editor not in-game though it's possible.
  2. dw6197

    Combat Patrol release and cars

    Hey thanks man! That clears up a lot and I haven't played Arma 3 so some things aren't so obvious to me :) Anyways I appreciate the response man, have a good one.
  3. Hi, first I wanted to say I'm really enjoying the game so far it's gameplay is very different as it has Arma gameplay combined with more traditional map sizes and gamemodes which makes it really unique, so I hope the game keeps expanding and gains in popularity on release. Anyways I'm just curious about Combat Patrol, it sounds extremely fun and is personally my most anticipated mode in the game at the time of posting this. Is there any info on release? Will it be coming on the 22nd before it or after it? Also seeing as how the gamemode uses the 62km map (if I'm incorrect please correct me) instead of the small maps, will you be able to drive cars while completing objectives etc. Yet again if CP does use small maps like La Trinite for example and not the whole 62km island then please let me know as that will make cars a no go. One more question, do you plan on adding other modes like free for all, team deathmatch, elimination, and a longer match with the whole island as the map? Thanks and good job on this awesome game!