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  1. I have a dedicated server currently running ACE, CBA, and ALiVE. I set up a mission for multiplayer through the Eden Editor and exported it. After uploading to the server and restarting I tried running the mission. It loads, but at the lobby, there are no roles to select from. Now, when I run the mission on LAN/Internet on my computer, the roles work just fine. I have 4 units placed on the map set as playable, as well as a PlayerRespawn module. This is really confusing me, and I need to fix it so my unit can begin to work together
  2. bf.lyth

    Urban Patrol Script

    Grave digging here, sorry.... Will this work in ARMA 3 public Zeus, official servers? I'm usually an admin when I play zeus, as both player and zeus. This looks like a very useful script - maybe better than the editor built-in patrol script. Will it work on an official server?