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  1. I'm trying to see find the text message function, I'd like to send global text messages to everyone with details as part of a mission. Is anyone familiar with this function?
  2. Spent several nights sifting through your code and trying to understand it, thanks to you I now have a understanding of the necessity of functions! You were right about the Displayname and Picture after some help from some veteran guys on the discord and forums I have got there. I really liked the fact you pulled the weapon stats from the VA, is that a generic picture in each weapons cfg? I couldn't find anything to point me in that direction, my biggest fear is that it is pulled as individual lines.
  3. nelo_riot

    cutRsc and Updating Variables

    Pierre, I have finally come back to attempting this AND I succeeded!! More reading and understanding the knowledge provided got the results required. I have a further question to make sure I am being as efficient as possible. Can I load multiple "Uinamespaces" for multiple controls under the same class?
  4. nelo_riot

    While/do HoldAddaction Help

    Thanks Pier, I will test it later on, would that be more efficient then doing an InitPost?
  5. nelo_riot


    Ok Haleks, I will test it again later on and feedback the results. The Shop Addon being the one I have been working on for about 2 months now that I asked you about :P.
  6. nelo_riot


    What is everyone's experience with MP Persistent save? Tried it for the first time while testing the Ravage Shop Addon - it caused huge server lag and desync issues which rendered it unplayable. Remove persistence Mp saves and it worked without issues.
  7. Hi Guys, I have written a HoldAddaction script (below) which returns all the dead Opfor units and applies the action, this is in the init.sqf. It functions as intended for SP&MP use for placed Units. If any units are dynamically spawned via other scripts/mods then this will not function on these units. Is this because the If/Then script has only initialised once when server is created and then for each player? I have tried using a While/Do loop but due to the tick time if will continuously add a new HoldAddAction for each time it ticks which obviously kills the frames, I'm looking for a way for this to loop every so often to ensure the newly spawned units inherit this HoldAddAction.
  8. Thanks Larrow, So instead of using the Array, I should've been calling ForEach. Thanks Man!
  9. @Larrow Could I pick your brain on an old thread? Using the above information, I have managed to fire the handler when it has taken by east (the easy part!), I thought if I created an array then it would apply to all sectors, obviously there is a clear error. Could I ask for some guidance? Essentially the plan is everytime owner is changed to East on any sector - Reinforcement's would head to that sector as a waypoint, This script will be called in the above If/Then. Would I need to use _this select 0 to call the sector module in the below?
  10. nelo_riot

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Have you tried Eventhandler Killer? That seems like it would function completely as required. Player who killed zombie gets money?
  11. nelo_riot

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Daimen, What are you trying to achieve? Zombie Dead = Give player money? If this is the case then maybe consider using: { if (side _x isEqualTo EAST) then //East being the side the Zombies are on - this will obviously run whenever an enemy on the East Side is killed. { _x addEventHandler ["Killed", {execvm "money.sqf"}]; }; } forEach allUnits; No matter what you are looking for I think you might need to be using an Eventhandler unless Z&D's uses a completely different created function.
  12. nelo_riot

    Custom Menu No Entry Error

    This info helped me cure an issue I didn't understand! I am now having the same issue with Hitzone although the RScShortcutbutton contains it?
  13. nelo_riot

    cutRsc and Updating Variables

    Thanks again for the comprehensive answers, using all the above information (and your examples) to recreate this so I can understand the process. Using the above when I call '_handle= createdialog "JDoe_file";' I am expecting a picture to display of the present weapon. At this stage when I call the dialog, I have the mouse pointer and nothing else. Am I right in thinking calling the dialog would populate the picture? Just for clarity using the above information could you cast your eyes over the below? // (TBH the defines.hpp I'm sure is fine but I put it up as a just in case, also the Description.ext is pre-compiling both defines.hpp & testdefines.hpp with #include) When I was doing further reading on the above information, I was going through Killzone Kids tutorials and I saw a post from you 3 years ago asking about CTRLSetText - clearly you've done a lot of testing since! Defines.hpp: Testdefines.hpp: Init.Sqf:
  14. nelo_riot

    cutRsc and Updating Variables

    I added a function layer 2 to the currency layer and now whenever I open/close GUI's it will always stay ontop, thats why I asked! Currency Icon completely functional now! A couple of questions regarding the additional information you provided. _unit_1Wpn_icon = getText (configfile >> "cfgWeapons" >> primaryWeapon player >> "picture"); // I guess '_unit_1Wpn_icon' is just a random name you have given to this? If we were to make it functional with below then it would need to match the variable and control which would be 'JDoe_1wpn'? my control class is inherited in fact : // I think now understand the functionalities of inheritance, the inheritance must already be defined in the defines.hpp, do you simply change the inheritance with the ' JDoe_1wpn: RscPicture' ? So if i wanted to change it to text for example it would be 'JDoe_1wpn: RscText ' ? Additionally in the dialog how would you call the inheritance? As an example dialogs.hpp below would you just match IDC to the Control? class Shop_dialog { IDD = -1; movingenable=false; class Controls { class InfoBox: RscText { idc = 1800; // So I'd just match this IDC to the control in our defines.hpp to call it - this would then populate said box within the dialog wit the previously stated control? x = 0.329375 * safezoneW + safezoneX; y = 0.318 * safezoneH + safezoneY; w = 0.315 * safezoneW; h = 0.476 * safezoneH; }; //////////////////////////////////// class JDoe_file // the global display { idd = -1; duration = 100000; fadein = 0; fadeout = 0; name="JDoe_file_display"; onLoad = "uiNamespace setVariable ['JDoe_Data', _this select 0]"; // This variable is the same variable used for getvariable? in this instance is _this select 0 referring to the player? controls[]= { JDoe_1wpn, ....... }; // all controls are declared here (and probably order is a way to be displayed with priority, I don't remember ascending or descending) class JDoe_1wpn: RscPicture // one of the controls (displaying the primary weapon picture - Note the inheritance to RscPicture standard control class { idc = 2400; x = 0.02 * safezoneW + safezoneX; y = 0.46 * safezoneH + safezoneY; w = 0.07 * safezoneW; h = 0.035*4/3 * safezoneH; }; }; Ultimately how would I call this above dialog using uiNamespace? Example if it were in an addAction . sqf then would it be simply 'uiNamespace getVariable "JDoe_Data" displaycontrol 2400 ctrlSetText ""+str(JDoe_Data);' Thanks for the wiki links before I had read them but it wasn't until you provided this info I started to really understand it and once again thanks for your help Pierre.
  15. nelo_riot

    cutRsc and Updating Variables

    Accidental Double Post