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    New Rangefinding system

    Hi, This a minor rant about the new rangefinding system. I'll be bold, I do not like it and it should not exist. I love being a sniper in wasteland, it is very fun, you just aim at your target read the distance. I off and on play arma for about a month then comeback. But this time I found out they changed it to where you push a button... That I imediately cringed. The automatic rangefinder was easy and more convenient. The game is based in the future, why not have automatic rangefinders. Why change something that was working thoughout A2 and A3? By default the button was binded to \ which is the salute button. This makes no sense. Why add another key command to the LARGE list of binded keys even to where they start overlapping? I hate the new rangefinding system. BIS, please revert the old rangefinding system back. It was just better in everyway. If not, atleast make it a option so the player can choose.