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  1. Introduction The 1st Battalion, 21st Infantry Arma 3 realism unit is primarily based around military simulation and of course an enjoyable time for all participants. When on Operations and trainings we enforce participants to act accordingly; professional when needed. Although we enforce a professional setting at times, we also encourage our members to enjoy themselves when playing. All in all we are looking for a “serious-fun” experience. Our Community With the ability to conduct combined operations between joined elements, the 21st infantry regiment is a revolution within the arma community. Many of our active members have prior military experience or are currently serving and in turn are helping us accomplish our goal of becoming the most successful realism unit within the community. Members already in the unit are friendly! Don’t be afraid to make some new friends and play some other games with them besides Arma 3 Milsim. We operate based on respect and a have a strict set of rules that if followed, allow an enjoyable and exciting experience within the unit. Additional Notes Our schedule for operations, basic training, etc are relatively flexible when real world affairs interfere. We are welcome to any advice to better the future of this unit! Handmade missions with our custom modpack; modpack can be found on teamspeak: When Do We Have Mission/Operations? Saturdays, 8PM EST. All throughout the week we will have mini operations, and likely everyday consisting of checkpoints, and invade missions. Requirements To Join Must be mature Must have a working Mic Must Own a Legal Copy of Arma 3 Must be at least 17 years old (exceptions made) Must be willing to Download mods Must Follow Rules Interested? Have questions or interested in joining? Message me via Steam(PFC D.Llama) or come talk to us on TeamSpeak. TeamSpeak: (Tell The Recruiter That Llama Sent You)