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  1. Cootter

    Wavy Gunsight

    OK I know it's MEANT to be that way... but still, the stupid wavy gunsight thing needs to be a "Troubleshooting" issue. Because it's bad... beyond silly. Poor work. Uncalled for. Just sayin. Fanboys... I know, I know. Mikky
  2. Ok, cool.... so what produces resources now?
  3. Updated to the latest release and am no longer getting the option to build storage areas after capturing an area. ?? AI Logistics is on and I'm running max resource multiplier. What's wrong here?
  4. Is there a guide anywhere on how to deal with setting up mods/addons on a server (remote) with the current mod folder (steam workshop) naming? I have a remote rented server that I would like to install a scenario that calls for 4 addon/mods. I have the mods/addons "subscribed" via Steam Workshop. I know I have to FTP the mods over to the server and adjust the command line and config. However, I do not know where exactly they go on the server, or how to name them due to the new "number naming" system of addon/mod folders. For instance, what used to be /Arma3/@CBA_A3, is now, SteamLibrary/Steamapps/workshop/content/107410/450814997 How is this supposed to look on the Server? Do I transfer the 450814997 to the server and rename it @CBA_A3, or am I way off here? Thanks in advance