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    How to create ModuleTracers_F from scripts

    I just had a look... you're right ^^' I should have searched for the function by myself... but I thought something else would have existed. Thanks for pointing me the SQF anyway ! Maybe I'll post my own solution if I come up with something :)
  2. Hi all \o/ I would like to know how to create the ModuleTracers_F module from a script. I tried various things with createVehicle and setVariable functions in order to create the module then set its parameters Min/Max/Side... but with no success at this time. Not even sure if it's possible (I guess it is ^^), I should be missing something... My goal is to create some tracers at a given position to give the feeling of a war zone. As all these AOs will be dynamically created, I can't put them by hand from 3den... so, scripts! Any help or direction will be greatly appreciated as I'm out of ideas and can't find any solution on the internet.