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    Not able to turn on radar

    Aha, I see - and where exactly would I change those? I feel like I've looked at every control option yet I cannot find one for the radar
  2. TheJackSparrow

    Not able to turn on radar

    Hi, I am currently having an in-game issue where I cannot seem to enable the radar in the scroll menu. I've tried launching my game with and without mods, but with no luck - the option simply does not appear in the scroll menu when I am inside a plane.
  3. TheJackSparrow

    Lockheed C-130

    Hi, would it be possible for you guys to update the mod? After having tested multiple C-130 variants on the runways of multiple maps after the latest Jet DLC was released, it would seem that a great majority of the planes have a hard time being able to take off before they run out of runway. They simply don't speed up fast enough. So if possible, it would be much appreciated if you could tweak that thank you! -Jack