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  1. Hello,I want to trigger when the player insert a marker on his map in a specific area, like in the prologue mission, where you have to find AAF position (youtube link : ).If you have any link or answer which can help me, please post it!Thanks.
  2. Pierre: Yeah that's exactly what i done, as you told me to do, but the script doesn't recognize the area or the trigger variable name, I don't know why. So i tried what Larrow posted, and finally succeeded! Pierre's way was easier to edit the zone but this isn't a big deal. Thanks to both of you!
  3. How sould I define mytTrigger? I have an error : Undefined variable in expression: mytTrigger. I search on the forums but don't figured out how to define my trigger/area in the script. Thank you for your previous messages.
  4. Thank you! Im not used at scripting, but this gonna help me a lot! Maybe you can help me again; where can i define the area where the marker must be? Thanks.