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  1. Hey all- TL;DR - Character _was_ speaking English, then last night when I went to play character was speaking French. Halp! So I've played the Arma series off and on over the years and I seem to remember running into this issue some years ago in Arma 2, but can't for the life of me find a setting to have "ALL" audio as English only. IIRC, in A2 there was a setting that had to be set for your character as well as the AI units to speak English in the voice over. Somehow, that has been set correctly on Arma 3 on my machine since I downloaded it day 1, but yesterday it got switched? Relevant info: Playing Antistasi - Warlords of the Pacific (Playing as independent) Mods: CBA_A3 ; Dynasound 2.0 Sunday: First day back and playing, char speaking English calling targets, regroup etc. Monday: Log back in, char speaking French calling targets, regroup etc.