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  1. @beno_83au It is a bit skewed and unrelated with what I said... the join in on existing game is not possible The missing is multi-player mission done by boemia so as vanilla as possible (Victoria crater) or something similar... So is not matter of the mission per say but when you join a multiplayer game you get a "staging area" where you can take (move/run) to one of the options in that staging area (view/play or continue/rename or destroy the char). This works good for the owner of the server but those that join get their character between layers of that "station or whatever that area is called" so they screens start circling and their movement is restricted making impossible for them to reach the "play/continue" so to enter the game. So this is not a mission/editing issue but making impossible for players (in the LAN btw because I have not mention early) to join a game even when the owner is there waiting them to get into the "play/continue" sign Cheers
  2. Hi, Is there any plans to update/fix the game? The multi-player landing area (prior starting the game) seem buggy: (1) - a player cannot join the game if the player (server owner) does not reload the game so to wait in the "landing area" or waiting area prior start the game (I'm sorry but can't remember the name you use but is the stage where players can run to play/continue or view the game or rename/destroy the characters. (2) - the same "landing area" prior the game is buggy for the other players that join the server (but perfectly fine for the player that owns/shares the server. The players that join often get lower than the "ground" so they cannot control direction because all graphs get screwed and circling 360 degrees if they happen to manage to reach the "play/continue" then the multiplayer game works nicelly. But the "landing area" seem in need of review or simplify to just basic options of continue/etc without be as if a station-interior thing. Attending to the posts timings here I'm having the feeling this game has been dropped already... so I wonder if there is devs are considering fixing some of the issues that makes multiplayer a bit of a no go because of being near impossible to join a game. Thanks