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  1. Hello, I've looked through all the topics in the forum and I haven't founded what I wanted.

    I'm trying to make a Vest and Helmet mod basically for a unit I'm in. I retextured some of VSM Vests and Helmets, Military Gear Pack vests and 75th Rangers Helmets. I'm just trying to get a Idea on what I need to do to make them a separate standalone mod. and have them in-game as there own class/mod I tried making a config, but it always didn't work. So if someone could help me get started with this that would be great. I'm stumped


    The configs I tried were all out of date too so there were a shit load of errors. Couldn't find a up-to-date one 



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  2.   NIGHTWING Part 1

    Made by - Kwire








    Your objective is to find a Pilot of a A-10 that crashed about 30 minutes after you passed out. You've been passed out for about 1 hour after a group of FIA and CSAT ambushed the NATO convoy you were in. You're the only that survived in the ambush. Once you woke up you find yourself in the small town of Goisse. You find your self a weapon in front of you. FIA and CSAT invaded almost the whole island of Malden. Try to find Intel on Nightwing once you do, Go and find if he is dead or alive.


    Mission takes about 15-25 minutes to complete. Note: This is my first mission I've made. So bare with me


    Adds - Custom Sounds, Custom Music


    Special thanks to ALIAS for his scripts!


    Make sure to increase music volume so you can get the full effect of the atmospheric music!:exclamation:


    Youtube Trailer link

    Steam link

    MP Version link


    Download size ~56mb




    Update 1 - Added where you can't get into any vehicles

    Update 2 - No more Mod requirements!!!!



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  3. Do you think it is possible to implement the effects from Project Reality and/or Squad? I'm not sure about if you can or not. I've been thinking about trying to make a new type of particle fx mod sort of thing like Blastcore but it's just thoughts. I just want to see if anybody has a opinion on this Idea. Or if you could help me with this project.. You can contact me through Email or Steam.. Or just reply!

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