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  1. TheEgelNL

    Strider explode

    After the update we have striders explode for no reason. They look fine and have no damage. Riding on road or grass and boom it does. No mission near and it goes for all type off striders. Are there more people who have that experience and is there going to be a fix. Because it used to be a reliable vehicle but turned it to a driving deathtrap.
  2. I used to fly a lot with the Y-32 X'ian it was a it more difficult then a helicopter. there was no autohover on it but i did land it in small places. But now after the update its behavior is very different. I can take off and fly so far so good. But when i try to land in the vertical way, then i am having problems to get it reducing speed. Once having it almost at speed 0 i use Z to land while doing that it falls down like a brick. I lost the fun off flying it and it was a important part of my apex dlc. Could it be possible to set it back to the old flying behavior.