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  1. Sternkraft

    Prei Khmaoch Luong

    Think this is one of the best maps created for this game. I like the new farms running along the river in the south. Also really dig the way you create these small riverbeds carrying next to no water How long would you estimate you worked on it now?
  2. Sternkraft

    Prei Khmaoch Luong

    Sorry for beating the the dead horse but since I don't now nearly enough about mapping to actually figure this out myself: Does this mean that everyone actually has all the assets, configs etc needed to play this map or did they still have some APEX stuff behind encryption? Either way keep up the good work and I am really looking forward to your new version soon TM
  3. Sternkraft

    Prei Khmaoch Luong

    So you would love to make it open to everyone but Bohemia only made the assets from Tanoa free to use but left out other stuff? That sucks they might as well not have done aynthing at all that way Either way: Awsome map. Thank you very much for making it
  4. I have a steam account that has a single game on it being arma that I picked up during a sale for 10 bucks. Use that to keep workshop modes up to date on my server without the need to upload them from my machine since my upload is pretty crap. It's not the best solution but it ain't the worst either. As far as I know you need an account with arma to be able to download from the workshop which is a bit of a pain
  5. This looks preatty neat. I'll try it later today
  6. Sternkraft

    3CB BAF Units

    That is what I am currently doing. Started with ACRE,ACE, CBA and BAF and am slowly adding the other mods. I'll let you know should I find anything that I can reproduce Update: Seems to have to do with either the ammount of mods or the lenght of the -mod= setting. Either way has nothing to do with this particular mod. Sorry for bothering you with it. Looking forward to playing with all your cool toys either way
  7. Sternkraft

    3CB BAF Units

    Hello First of all thank you for provinding such a great mod. I have a bit of an odd problem. Once I enable the BAF mods on my server and throw the keys in the folder I get a signature missmatch on all my mods. I have checked all your keyfiles with DSUtilities in Arma Tools and they seem to be fine. I am a bit lost currently and was wondering if you have any idea what else could be wrong on my end. Anyway stay awsome -- seems to be some issue with compatability between mods. Pain in the a** but harly your fault.
  8. Registered an account here to say thank you. This was giving me proper headache but this fixed my issue