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  1. Jet's DLC Balancing REQUIRED

  2. Jet's DLC Balancing REQUIRED

    So you saying the change was made to make it more realistic? Or are you saying the change was made to make it more balanced for jets. -EDIT: Didn't see second page
  3. Jet's DLC Balancing REQUIRED

    Ah okay. But feel ya when something small changes which effects you majorly.
  4. Jet's DLC Balancing REQUIRED

    Really? What changed with the throttle? You need to add both axis to the control. -x and +x to get full control. You might have forgotten to do that. I never realised it for like a full year.. xD
  5. Jet's DLC Balancing REQUIRED

    Thanks for that response. But the settings weren't like this before. Those gamemodes were never killed by it. I can only see one reason for them being buffed and that is the new jets. But if the damage was tweaked so you maybe took enough damage to completely cripple like 1 AA shot and you explode then I would be fine because before the update I could survive the shot, land and get back into the AO, KOTH is said gamemode and its a pretty large one at that. Its for those people who like to play on a daily basis who want to get into the action fast. Pretty much for those that don't fly it doesn't matter to them. But for someone who has spent hours and hours and hours flying crashing and learning on techniques for surviving landings and low altitude flying to be mostly thrown away by a small and almost unnoticeable change when it comes to infantry it just makes me upset. - I think the discussion is pretty much over. It seems to be the overwhelming support to never change anything that has been changed.
  6. Jet's DLC Balancing REQUIRED

    Well its hosted on their official tab in servers. Idk but that makes it pretty official to me..
  7. Jet's DLC Balancing REQUIRED

    Tbh I really thought I would get constructive feedback from this. All I see is "u wanna "balance" for whatever shitty or not gamemode you playing" like completely rude and "If you know where they are, why don't you just evade them?" which makes it seem you think I am so stupid that I haven't thought of that before.
  8. Jet's DLC Balancing REQUIRED

    You can't simply "Add a missile system" and to remove AA completely would be a disaster. To add the missile system its something the game devs have to add.
  9. Jet's DLC Balancing REQUIRED

    Understand this. If you are tasked to land in any AO with a large amounts of people early in a mission and you get one shot because you used a hummingbird. It would have ruined the entire night for a lot of people if it was a one life only mission. The point is that even though it was the wrong decision it pretty much wouldn't matter how much experience you had in the situation you would still not be able save the people in that chopper due to the changes. Bohemia considers KOTH as an official Gamemode which means it should be taken into account slightly when it comes to changes like this. -Everytime I make a post like this complaining about a game mechanic which I have to deal with and others normally don't people always don't want to changed for no apparent given reason.
  10. Jet's DLC Balancing REQUIRED

    5 meters above the ground low enough? It doesn't help if they are camping on hills(KOTH) and shoot down.
  11. Jet's DLC Balancing REQUIRED

    Not much fun when you die instantly because you had no warning or chance to save the chopper.
  12. Jet's DLC Balancing REQUIRED

    So what. All realism no fun?
  13. Jet's DLC Balancing REQUIRED

    As of recent I haven't really spoken up about this but there is a major problem with the current missile system for helicopters and their survivability. The main issue's relate to the MH-9 HummingBird and main blufor choppers. The main balance issue that came with the Jets DLC was the power of just the infantry AA launchers. They currently will only need 1 shot from the launcher to destroy a HummingBird. This is a major issue because you will have absolutely no warning and you might just explode. This could kill up to 7 people instantly. This makes a pilot like me who uses the thing every often and has learned how to land after being crippled before the update. The point here is that if it is a 1 shot there should at least be a warning or no warning but then at least will take more than 1 shot. You might say its unrealistic but then when you think about it, it is. This is not real life. This is a game where you try balance fun over realism and this is where I'd say the fun aspect needs to be increased for the chopper pilot who has spent hours and hours flying and is then just taken out by an absolute noob who has around 5 hours in the game who knows how to press T and click.
  14. Speed Zoom

    Hi there, I have a question for Bohemia and in general the community. Now for me when I fly, I like it to zoom all the way out, so that it feels like it is going faster, its how I am use to flying and the sudden change where it almost seems stuck is annoying me greatly I need to keep fully zooming out. Now to some this might not be an issue but I have the question of why did they add it in 1.70 to everything. Why not have different parameters to say the M-900 and the normal truck and then the new jets. Like of course it would be more work but I mean it would be nice to not now keep zooming out to get the same effect. My final question is, is there a way to change this client side so that I don't get kicked off games because of editing files.(I can't find it)