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  1. asys

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    aha, but no sooner than DayZ will be released and polished
  2. total 4 viper - 2 snipers shooting from far away and two of them entering into the village. vipers in the village are good hiding.
  3. asys

    Hello, I'm a "cheater"!

    in start of incubator - argo don't have skill tree. We play with random weapon set and it was good
  4. asys

    Arma3 Videos

  5. asys

    Suggestions for Halloween

    need more CS argo skin markets
  6. asys

    Glitch abusing allowed?

    In left 4 dead players witch i put in steam ban list can't connect to my game. And i am can't connect to server with blocked player. In argo steam ban list working?
  7. asys

    Argo Videos

    video special for players Capitanmalo, Geronimo26, Bordoberli26. I am not hacking, i just shooting through thin wall the guide of which I spoke follow this link
  8. are you serious? you want to shoot poor AI with MAR-10 from 800 m without any punishment ? and cry that they shoot better
  9. asys

    Hello, I'm a "cheater"!

    devil not so terrible, as he is drawn. Just shoot to head. I tried, it's working described situation - it's normal for hightskilled players. 15 year's ago i played in Q3, at end a play only with 2-3 friend, because all other can't play in my level. 5 year ago i played in COD 1-2, MW, at end i have kick or ban on many servers. Today i play in Arma 3 and my Q3 skill not working P.S. little advice - friends, buy good headphones and listen sound of steps, shots, open doors, listen everything. Sound positioning in agro is great
  10. asys

    Level design feedback

    as say in russian joke "Monsieur knows a sense of perversions"
  11. asys


    In first time he die normal, but after .... began a srangenesses.
  12. asys

    Argo Videos

    i will try and add result in my guide in steam later. About LINK terminals, Never succeeded kill the enemy through terminal box. I shoot in legs, arms, head, which are visible outside of terminal contour
  13. asys

    Argo Videos

    Raid and Link terminal's are different. All link teerminals do not penetrate, raid - yes
  14. asys

    Argo Videos

    i made little video about walls penetration in Argo I will not protest if someone wants to translate into other languages than Russian
  15. asys

    Laws of War DLC Feedback

    i know about Netherlands studio. But they also did not say anything refuting, only "this is secret from Amsterdam" :-) I did not expect that the military simulator will develop into a peacekeeping. Chemistry and nuclear strikes in arma - is my pink dreams
  16. asys

    Laws of War DLC Feedback

    I so hoped that "Orange DLC" is it from "agent orange". That we will receive chemical weapons, gas masks, chemical protective clothing. We can make attacks through infected territories and poison the entrenched rats in bunkers.
  17. asys

    live. die. repeat

    June 27 in Feedback Thread i wrote about how I raised from the dead. I record video At last saturday i have a strange game. Battle of the immortals, at one side - risen dead, at other side - bulletproof man, which absorbing damage without vest, turned round and kill. I recorded second video about my undying play. I do not want to be thought of myself as a cheater Please help p.s. OFFICIAL Argo (EU) 315 - mixed
  18. asys

    live. die. repeat

    you're right. But in battle сourage i forgot this
  19. asys


    Friend, don't play in arma. You will be very cry
  20. Is it possible to obtain a map with the placed objects as in RAID ? Malden in argo editor don't have camps, which i observe in RAID. I want make some test and tactics training with my friends
  21. asys

    RAID camps in editor

    Hmm.... Thank you, lt.master.
  22. asys

    Protective vest

    For best result of armor work, you must have good reaction. After the first hit, you must be able to quickly turn around, find enemy and kill him. All this for that period of time while your body absorbs the damage before you dead. If you can do this - vest your choice. as Locklear said -> Light Vests are approximately 40% improvement over the basic ones. Heavy Vests are 20% improvement over the Light ones.
  23. asys

    Protective vest

    Vest is good, only main problem - random bullet to head