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  1. First of all, Tanoa's enemy AI's ability to spot (syndikat) is stupidly overpowered, it's like they have thermal vision, they can spot you through grass and behind bushes, what's more stupid is their laser aim despite them being 200 meters away and have iron sights, I always play 1.00 enemy skill and 1.00 enemy precision and even CSAT/AAF seem relatively easy compared to syndikat, Like tone down their spotting abilities a bit. Examples https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4uuCzd2vlg Second, there is no pause in singeplayer tanoa, ffs bohemia, if the Tanoa campaign isn't meant to played alone, then remove the whole 'solo' tab. Third, Viper is RETARDED. in blue cap's mission, as soon as you pop the difficulty over 70 skill and 70 precision you WILL get insta-sniped by Viper almost every time you get out of the house, Needless to say that there's absolutely no way to tell their position and fight them without taking popshots at the source of their lasers.