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  1. There is a custom AC3 + main

    map pack is not needed


    Steam -> http://shrinkearn.com/SWOPACE3Steam
    Google Drive -> http://shrinkearn.com/SWOPACE3

    Main Pack :
    Google Drive -> http://shrinkearn.com/SWOPMAINGoogle
    Mega -> http://shrinkearn.com/SWOPMAINMega
    Yandex Disk -> http://shrinkearn.com/SWOPMAINYandex

    Maps Pack:
    Google Drive -> http://shrinkearn.com/SWOPMAPSGoogle
    Mega -> http://shrinkearn.com/SWOPMAPSMega
    Yandex Disk -> http://shrinkearn.com/SWOPMAPSYandex


    Alive orbat creator help create a faction with vanilla class names for mods that use custom names.

    But it only works on group of units, not individual like Helicopters. 

  2. I try to make HWS work with Star Wars opposition but HWS stop loading after the choice of factions.

    Tested with vanilla factions with the mod loaded and it's the same.

    The sub window with the loading bar isn't there and I didn't find any errors in the rpt.




    Also, could you find a way to create custom factions like Alive does but with more compatibility with HWS.

    Factions created with Alive works but can't find a way to make HWS spawn helicopters or air transports.


    Tested with mods like There is only war (Warhammer 40K mod)

  3. I have also tested the AI with Hetman war stories and it's troublesome that vcom call for backup artillery units or empty unarmed transports.


    Also got those errors :


    13:57:35 Error in expression < %1, expected %2, on index %3, in %4", [_par] call _fnc_getTypeName, [_x] call _>

    13:57:35 Error position: <_par] call _fnc_getTypeName, [_x] call _>

    13:57:35 Error Undefined variable in expression: _par

    13:57:35 File A3\functions_f\Debug\fn_errorParamsType.sqf [BIS_fnc_errorParamsType], line 84

    13:57:35 Error in expression <EqualTypeArray [objNull,0]) exitWith {[[_building,_max], "isEqualTypeArray", [ob>

    13:57:35 Error position: <_building,_max], "isEqualTypeArray", [ob>

    13:57:35 Error Undefined variable in expression: _building

    13:57:35 File A3\functions_f_EPA\Misc\fn_buildingPositions.sqf [BIS_fnc_buildingPositions], line 23

    13:57:35 Error in expression <["_building", ["_max", -1]];

    if !([_building,_max] isEqualTypeArray [objNul>

    13:57:35 Error position: <_building,_max] isEqualTypeArray [objNul>

    13:57:35 Error Undefined variable in expression: _building

    13:57:35 File A3\functions_f_EPA\Misc\fn_buildingPositions.sqf [BIS_fnc_buildingPositions], line 23

    13:57:35 Error in expression <te _GroupUnits = units _this;

    if (count _TempA > 0) then



    private _Foot = isN>

    13:57:35 Error position: <_TempA > 0) then



    private _Foot = isN>

    13:57:35 Error Undefined variable in expression: _tempa

    13:57:35 File \Vcom\Vcom\Functions\fn_GarrisonLight.sqf [VCM_fnc_GarrisonLight], line 15

  4. I'm testing the new mod version in Dissension (after disabling the script version in the init) and a group is stuck in a loop of embark disembark with their APC. They have received a call for reinforcement and known the enemy position but are to far away (500m).


    Maybe it's better to disable the embark order if they are in combat mode or test the distance with enemy before disembarking.



  5. 4 hours ago, eric963 said:

    Have this single error in the rpt


    0:25:33 Error in expression <VcmAI_ActiveList) && {!(VCM_SIDEENABLED findIf {_x isEqualTo (side _Grp)} isEqua>
     0:25:33   Error position: <findIf {_x isEqualTo (side _Grp)} isEqua>
     0:25:33   Error findif: Type Side, expected Array
     0:25:33 File C:\Users\Eric\Documents\Arma 3\missions\VcomAI3%2e0.Altis\Vcom\VcomInit.sqf, line 68

    Get the same error with units sync to CBA attack module

  6. Got this error :

    17:25:09 Suspending not allowed in this context

    17:25:09 Error in expression <os select 1) + (cos _dir) * _dist, 0];


    sleep (random 3);


    _x doArtilleryFire [_>

    17:25:09 Error position: <sleep (random 3);


    _x doArtilleryFire [_>

    17:25:09 Error Generic error in expression

    17:25:09 File Vcom\Functions\fn_ArtyCall.sqf [VCM_fnc_ArtyCall], line 63


    I used vanilla mortar team.


  7. Hello,


    I got this error with the mortar team :


    18:45:52 Error in expression <VCM_fnc_ClstObj;

    private _Foot = isNull objectParent _Unit;

    if (_Foot) then



    18:45:52 Error position: <objectParent _Unit;

    if (_Foot) then



    18:45:52 Error objectparent: Type Array, expected Object

    18:45:52 File Vcom\Functions\fn_ArmStatics.sqf [VCM_fnc_ArmStatics], line 10



    Also, I had trouble with the call for backup feature until I change the sleep fonction from 30 + random 30 to 5.


    Before, even after a minute, there wasn't any reinforcement order. Now It works every time but only call for 2 teams.


    Also, the mortar team move way to close to the fight before deploying their mortar.


    The Ai doesn't react to gunfight between other AI in the vicinity.

  8. I can't use a lots of mod (like RHS) that work before, as I got this error :


    19:15:40 Error in expression <then


    _ammoC = configfile >> "CfgAmmo" >> _subAmmo



    _actHit = getNumber (_am>

    19:15:40 Error position: <>> _subAmmo



    _actHit = getNumber (_am>

    19:15:40 Error >>: Type Config entry, expected String


    No problem with the vanilla factions.


  9. 7 hours ago, SnakeDocc said:

    Hi, I downloaded the new update and updated the default settings, but when running that or unedited from your dropbox, it doesn't seem to be working properly anymore. The AI aren't generating any waypoints on their own (I did the two groups, 1 waypoint each test), and the hearing and radio for help distances don't have any effect (they just stand their 50m away behind a wall ignoring their friends dieing). They are leaning around corners though (don't think that's vanilla), and the rank/ skill changes seem to be working, I have a "Special Forces" and a "Terrorist" Rank/Skill setting and the special forces are winning consistently. This is on Windows Dedi btw

    I've reported this problem to Genesis a month ago and after some test, we find the cause. He is looking for a fix.

    In the meantime, you can use this workaround :

    go to the directory VCOMAI\functions and delete VCOMAI_ClosestAllyWarn.sqf

    rename VCOMAI_ClosestAllyWarnOLD.sqf in VCOMAI_ClosestAllyWarn.sqf


    It will work like before the update in September.


    Hearing is bugged too, the ai react to bullet flying around them or landing next to them but not to gunshots sounds. It least not to sound made by other ai.

    In that domain, Bcombat is still the best.

  10. 23 hours ago, joejoecrawley said:

    Hey Genesis I'm really interested in this scenario could you post an explanation on how to install and play the test build. I believe this will benefit the scenarios creation as it will allow more people to access the build meaning more bugs to be reported subsequently a more stable and successful scenario.


    Go to https://github.com/genesis92x/Dissension.Tanoa

    Select "clone or download"

    Select download zip

    Extract the zip

    Rename the directory in Dissension.Tanoa (delete the -master)

    Copy the directory to C:\Users\%yourprofile%\Documents\Arma 3\mpmissions

    Launch arma 3 and host a server in lan

    Select Tanoa and dissension 0.1

    Select a slot and configure the parameters you want (like the RHS), parameters are in the upper right corner of the Window.

    Launch the mission.


    You can play with an other map if you change the .Tanoa in the directory name by the name of an other map.

    Works with all big maps.


    Better test with a map without islands because of a bug with the boats.


  11. Download the .zip and extract it.

    rename the directory (delete the -master)

    Copy the directory in c:\%yourprofile%\Documents\Arma 3\mpmissions (or my documents if you are still in W7)

    open the game and host a server

    Select Tanoa to find the mission.

    If you want to play it on an other map, just rename the directory with the name of the map.


    If you have a problem with vcomai menu errors at the lunch of the mission, replace de vcomai directory with the last one from the script version.


  12. I have tested the last version from Github, with the last script version of Vcom.


    Units in the stronghold are like human turrets, they don't move even if they know the enemy position.

    They are also very hidden as when a blue group move next to a green stronghold, they never see the green units inside and the green units never attack the blue units unless they are in the line of fire.

    Why not spawn a stronghold made of static MG, turrets and sand walls with a group with a guard waypoint inside ?


    It's even more problematic with big town as the offensive team will move to the center of the town and stay there. The town is not captured and green continue to spawn out of the line of sight of the offensive team.

    Could you had a search and destroy waypoint to the stronghold position so the team will make an assault after reaching the center of the town, if the town is not already captured ?

    A patrol script could also work if it use search and destroy waypoints.


    Also if too many towns are already under attack, there is no more spawn of green troops in additional towns, making them uncapturable. Is there a maximum number of green teams on the map ?


    AI team doesn't reinforce nearby team : two teams attack the same objective.

    One is fired upon by a green team and counter attack.

    The other one doesn't react, even if they are 50m away from the green team, with just the top of a hill between them.

    So they doesn't react to sound of the fire fight or radio call.

    At must, they goes down. They were already at there waypoint.

    Is there a problem with the gunshoots detection ou the communication between squads ?

  13. Try Porquerolles Island map for the workshop, it's very good for CQB test.


    Also, the lastest version of General's war for the workshop, modified with VCOMAI script, is also impressive for CQB test and big ai team test (more than 20 members). It's also an heavy scripted mission with spawn and despawn that bugged before with ai mod but now, it's ok with new vcomai.


  14. Some points :


    A team of 12 soldiers is worst than 2 teams of 6 as they are less responsive and stay too close to each other. They are killed faster by car's gun and small group.

    It would be better to create sub group that can flank or act independently.


    Could you check VCOMAI, the AI doesn't use the grenades like before. They only use them against vehicles, even after changing the parameters.

    Same with reinforcement when a group is attacked. Even if an other group is close, the group doesn't react and continue to follow his waypoint.

    Maybe a dialogue between the commander and the groups could be a solution :

    The enemy attack a group, the group report to the commander who change his plan and send reinforcement to assist the group.


    An idea : Commander xp, level and skills : a support commander could unlock new troops, upgrades and skills, like offmap artillery strike.


    A more difficult one : sub commander :

    The commander do the macro management like building and the main strategy then give missions to the sub commanders like capture a town.


    The sub commander then ask for ressources to the commander and use them the buy troops (following his personality) and execute the mission using some strategies (full assault, flanking, bait ...)

    The sub commander gain reputation which give him access to more ressources or soldiers for the next missions or priority to support (cas ...)


    Could be like Hetman war stories.