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    Simple and Hardcore servers.

    Personally I found that this game was a great mix between a hardcore military simulator and a fps game, so naturally I leaned more to the non hardcore servers. You make a very good point about newer players not exactly knowing the gamemode, very often I myself, and other new players would accidentally shoot allies on hardcore servers. Of course, the solution is: to play on NON hardcore servers. I'm disappointed that the "casual" servers are in the minority in comparison to hardcore servers. I think it'd be cool to see more servers switch to "casual" mode. I guess a more balance of 50/50 would be fair.
  2. I think the announcer does add a bit of charm to the game, but i think people should be able to disable it if they want to
  3. It's also the one Link server on the US East instead of USW so its the only viable option for me to play Link without extremely high ping
  4. proof. was originally planning to try out link mode but this server is hosting the Clash mode instead
  5. I think in the latest update they added white boxes that say ARGO on them. It looks like this: and when you open the boxes, its just empty. and sometimes they will glitch into the floor.